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How can it be said that drinking alcohol causes interactions??

Qsymia or Qnexa is a weight loss supplement, which is composed of two ingredients Topiramate and the Phentermine. These two ingredients are approved by the Food and drug administration. The individuals must always begin with 3.75 mg/23 mg of Phentermine on a prescription from a doctor. This supplement must be taken along with strict diet and regular workouts, so as to get the best results.

The individuals going through the problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. must not take this supplement without any recommendation of a doctor. The intake of the Qsymia along with drinking alcohol causes interactions with medications that may result into life threatening and uncomfortable side effects.

The alcohol has a few benefits to the health of an individual and is full of empty calories. An individual is recommended to refrain from mixed drinks, consumption of beer, wine as well as Qsymia. This is supposed to be done, so as to get successful results on weight loss.

The consumption of Qsymia or any medication for weight loss is not safe. The alcoholic beverages have never been a part of any weight loss supplement like Qsymia. The individuals experience some of the side effects on combining the alcohol with the Qsymia. Some of its side effects include:
  • Heart burn
  • Breakdown of stomach’s lining
  • Nausea
  • Acid indigestion
The individuals may experience depression as well as changes in the mood with an increasing intake of alcohol. Also, combining Qsymia and alcohol causes tingling in the feet; dry mouth as well as the change in the taste are increased.

Why is it said not to take alcohol?

Alcohol is converted into the body fats without any nutritional value. The mixed drinks including fruit juice, sugary soda, cream, etc. that adds to calories and causes weight gain. The individuals must avoid taking intake of alcohol, as it decreases testosterone, depressant, increases dehydration and all the unhealthy effects that may counteract with the success of the weight loss.

The combination of the alcohol and Qsymia increases the chances of feeling depressed. As, alcohol is a depressant, so it suppresses the important function of converting fats into energy and limiting the ability of the body to break down fat for three days. Also, the intake of alcohol suppresses the energy level of the body meant for exercise, an important element of the weight loss program.

The individuals are warned to do the given activities, as the alcohol and Qsymia are adhered to. If an individual fails to do so, it may lead to cardiovascular effects, decreased blood pressure, uncontrollable chest pain, etc.

Drinking alcohol causes interactions like insomnia, restlessness and many more. This is because Qsymia is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. Also, too much intake of the alcohol in combination of Qsymia can cause hangovers.

Taking the drugs for a longer period of time may become a habit and can reduce its effectiveness. This is a prescription only drug, which can be prescribed on recommendation of a doctor.
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