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Many Uses of the Amazing True Tone Flash on iPhone 7

If you recently bought your iPhone 7 Plus in India, you must know that the flash in your camera app does more than just clicking pictures. Unlike in older iPhone models which had a single LED flash, iPhone 7 Plus models are equipped with Quad-LED True Tone flash.

Sure, it’s pretty decent as camera flashes go, with better light quality, but there’s not much you can do about the shiny faces and the red eyes while clicking portraits in pitch darkness with the flash on. Its other applications though are quite useful, and we don’t just mean using it to take a walk to the bathroom at night. 

Here are few of the coolest uses of iPhone Flash other than using it for clicking pics in the dark:

Silent Flash Alerts

You can use the ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ feature to never miss an alert even when your phone is on silent. Whether you use it without sound or use both sound and flash together, it is pretty useful for noticeable alerts. The flash is powerful enough to shine through the pocket of your jeans and will get your attention no matter how noisy an environment you are in. It also proves to be super efficient for people who are hearing-impaired.

To turn it ON all you have to do is follow these steps..

Settings>General>Accessibility>LED Flash for Alerts and turn it on

The flash would remain on even when your phone is on silent; it is, however, disabled in Do Not Disturb mode. Any time vibrating alert is on; the flash would work.

Take Your Pulse

There is a whole section in the App Store where you can find apps that can measure your heart rate using iPhone’s LED flash. It functions just like the little monitors that the doctors clamp onto their fingertip to control your pulse. Each pump of your heart delivers fresh, oxygenated blood which is redder than the de-oxygenated blood. This colour difference can be measured with the iPhone’s camera.

To use the pulse checking apps, you have to place a finger over the camera lens, and the flashlight will illuminate the blood in your fingertip. If you check the results with a traditional heart monitor, they will match the one you get on the app. It is quite accurate and easy.

Blinking Metronome

Musicians often use the metronome to practice. It is a device that marks the time at selected rate by giving a regular tick. Now, most metronome apps that you will find in App Store come with the feature that uses flash as LED light along with the ticks.

You can try Soundbrenner’s Metronome App which can function without the sound and use flash only. It comes in handy if you don’t want to annoy people around you or while recording when you don’t want the tick on your track.

Adjust brightness with 3D Touch

If you own an iPhone 6s or later, you will be able to set the brightness of the LED light using 3D touch. All you have to do is swipe up to bring the control centre from the bottom of the screen and force touch on the flashlight button. This will bring up a little menu with options for Bright (which is default), Medium and Low light. The setting will be persistent till you adjust it again for another use.

This can be helpful depending on the usage of the LED light. If you are trying to light up your room or your tent while on a camping trip, the Bright option will be preferable but if you need to save battery, you can switch it to Low light. The Bright mode will the increase the power drain.

These were the super convenient and essential uses of the LED flashlight of your iPhone. However, if you want some unconventional methods, here’s one - the LED flash lamp of you iPhone is great to catch mosquitoes.

Yes, that’s right. So, the next time you’re awoken by those menacing high-pitched whine of Mother Nature’s worst vermin, pull out your iPhone and get to work.

All you have to do is flip on the light on low setting preferably and hold your iPhone against the wall, around an inch away. Make sure that there is a small, bright patch of light on the wall and so that the mosquito is tempted into the light.

Once it’s there wallop it with a fly-swat, book or a magazine. No matter what you do, never in your conscious mind whack it with you iPhone though. That will be a grave price to pay for momentary satisfaction.

So, will these fresh and unconventional uses of the LED flashlight of iPhone tempt you further to get a brand new iPhone 7 Plus in India? Do let us know and keep following for more quirky information about Apple devices.
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