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Some popular types of water heater

What is more relaxing than taking a bath with warm water? For many people, warm water can be the most effective stress reliever. It seems impossible if you have to boil water first after coming home office with your tired body condition. The right way to get hot water quickly is to use a water heater. However, not all water heaters match the condition of your bathroom and home. Here are some types of water heater as a guide before buying water heater you should know.

Electric water heater

Electric water heater, as the name implies, is a water heater that relies on electrical energy as a heat producer. Basically, this tool has a concept like what is owned by the iron, hair dryer, and other heat-generating tools. There are two types of electric water heater on the market, with tank and no tank. The tank water heater will produce hot water directly, while the water heater without the tank takes about 5 minutes before producing hot water.

Solar water heater

This type relies on solar energy known as solar panel. The solar heat will move to the water inside the panel. In this heater there is a tank large enough to store enough hot water for use by many people in one house. In the rainy season, this type will not work effectively because there is not enough heat from the sun. But do not worry because this type is usually equipped with an electric-powered backup heater.

Heat pump-based water heater

 This type is a water heater that relies on a very high Freon temperature when coming out of the compressor. The outside air will be absorbed by the fan, and then this air will heat the refrigerant inside the evaporator so it circulates. Any circulation will add to the hot water. The heat pump heating process is quite efficient even reaching one-third electrical power compared with what is produced by ordinary electric water heaters. As an advice, it is recommended to use
air to water heat pumps products by Husky LTD.  

Heat exchanger-based water heater

This tool relies on exhaust heat energy generated by outdoor air conditioning. A very high Freon temperature as it exits from the compressor will be collected and then flowed into a water storage tube to heat the water inside the tube. This type is seen to be very efficient and inexpensive, as you only utilize the heat that is discharged from your home air conditioner. However you need to assemble your own device and integrate it with AC. In addition, not many people know how to install it so it is quite difficult to know how to install the device properly.

Gas-powered water heater

By relying on the combustion of LPG gas, this water heater is able to make hot water quickly. The main characteristic of this heater is a cylindrical hole that serves as a chimney to dispose of combustion fumes. However, this type does not smoke and smell even though. Unfortunately, the use of this type of heater is not recommended to be placed in a closed room, because toxic gases such as carbon monoxide will be easily inhaled and ultimately harm the user. Therefore, if you want to use this water heater, it is better to install it outdoors or behind the bathroom wall so gas will not go into your bathroom.
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