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The Best Time of Day for Photos

A great photographer will always be searching for amazing light as it is the most important aspect of photography. You could have the most stunning location and subjects, but if the lighting isn’t right, your photos will always feel like they are missing something. With perfect lighting conditions during your photography session, it almost doesn’t matter what your backdrop is because your subject will be flattered by the perfect highlights and shadows.

Photography studio, Mango Studios, has a timeless and natural style of photography which comes down to working in the best outdoor lighting conditions. As a photographer, avoiding harsh sunlight is the key. If you can’t trust the weather to give you an overcast day, the other option is to schedule your photography session during golden hour. This occurs at two times of day - an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. It’s agreed by all the great photographers that these are the best hours of the day to be taking portraits!

The two golden hours at dawn and dusk are quite similar but they do have subtle differences that can help you determine what time of day to schedule your photography session.

It might be tricky to convince your subject to not only wake up before dawn, but to also be ready for their photography session before dawn. However, if you do manage to schedule your photography session before the sunrise, you will be rewarded with diffused light and soft tones that will compliment your subject. This time of day is also going to be very quiet outside as it’s just before the world starts waking up to start their day. This is especially true for popular outdoor spots such as beaches or parks. It just makes your job as a photographer so much easier when there is no one else around and you can concentrate on making your subject look their best in your photography.

Generally it is easier to make plans for later in the day. Sunset provides the perfect time of day for your photography session if your subjects work during the day. Depending on the location for your photography session and what kind of nature or buildings surround you, you will be able to capture the magical golden light that defines the golden hour in your photography. It creates the perfect highlight in your photos and brings out so many flattering and warm tones. As the sun dips below the horizon, you can use all the colours in the sky as a stunning backdrop to your photography.

As a photographer, controlling what time of day you schedule your portrait session is the first step to setting up the perfect conditions for your photography. Avoid the harsh midday sun and offer your subjects a sunrise or sunset shoot. Let them trust in your expertise that with soft, flattering light, you can make anyone look beautiful and natural in their photos.
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