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What To Consider When Choosing Good Chemical Etching Suppliers

Chemical etching or chemical milling was dominantly for metals but is gaining popularity for other materials nowadays. Although there are few service providers in the market, there is need to know how to make the best choice when seeking for their services. You may know how to select your metal fabricators or machine shops but you need more knowledge on picking out your suppliers. Why so? Bulk buying could cost you a fortune if you are not careful when making your choice.

When to use chemical etching

Before jumping to which supplier to go for, you have to know why you need etching services. Use the process when;

·         Planning to cut down on costs
·         You require precision n production
·         Cannot spare time on delays
·         You need materials created from difficult-to-machine materials
·         Prototyping new projects

Now that you have an idea on why to pick chemical milling over methods we can move to what to look for in your supplier of choice:


They say nothing beats experience and that is exactly why you should settle for suppliers who have been in business for a while. This is because those who have stayed longer in the field have the right skills and you can get recommendations on their previous works. Although some newbies in the industry could do a good job but the older ones are quite safer to stick to. 

Environmental compliance

The process of chemical etching utilizes harmful chemicals which if exposed to the environment could interfere with its integrity. Air, water and soil quality will be affected if carelessness on the industry’s part is observed. If you plan to get your parts from a supplier, settle for those who are environmental conscious, if not you will be supporting them to degrade your health. To know if these are followed enquire if they have onsite waste treatment facilities and if they are compliant with the local environmental regulation agency.

Samples, samples, samples

To find out if the supplier is as good as he/she claims order to be shown samples of parts, screens and meshes among other products. If you have an expert eye you can tell if you are settling for a good deal or not. However, in the event that you do not know about parts you may bring in your organization’s expert team to do the validating. Once you are satisfied, you can settle for the supplier.

Regularity of replacement cycles

The chemical etching process exposes tools to acidic solutions which ultimately lead to wear and tear. This therefore requires constant replacement. Do not hold back from enquiring on this issue because you wouldn’t appreciate your order being delayed after system failure, would you? Enquire about the routine replacement just to be on the safe side.


This is business and there is no room for lack of professionalism. Ensure your service providers are strict with their deadline dates and other terms of agreement. If you notice some slacking, be on your heels for the next best supplier.

The power of choice is your right, so use it to your advantage to get the best services.
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