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Why Is Tubemate Downloader Android Best Of All Video Downloaders?

The TubeMate YouTube Downloader application for the Android devices has many useful and attractive features. This App is the first of its kind in the world that enables a user to download YouTube videos.  Otherwise, a user can’t download YouTube Videos directly on the device whether it is the PC or Android phone. 

When the Tubemate YouTube Downloader came on the market, it came with several surprising features and in the subsequent versions, it acquired many new and advanced features. Every new version of TubeMate Downloader Android comes up with new enhanced and capable features.

Features Of  TubeMate Downloader Android

1.      Free Of Annoying Ads
The TubeMate Downloader Android is free of all kinds of annoying ads. So you are able to download videos without facing any interruption. Even if you see an occasional ad, that will never be boring for you.

2.      Its Efficiency Is Very High
It enables a user to download favourite videos from the popular internet sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Naver and LeTV etc. Its material and design grabs any eyeballs. The efficiency of TubeMate Downloader Android is such a high that you can search and download a video in less than a fraction of seconds.

3.      Very Simple And Lucid Interface
 The interface of the TubeMate Downloader Android is very simple, user-friendly and very neat to operate. The Application is so simpler than even a child can download videos using this Application.

4.      Customises Default Storage Location
You can very easily customise the location to store videos at the desired location on your device. But the default location for storing videos on an Android phone is a memory card.  But this location can be changed anytime with ease by making use of the settings of this Application. 

5.      Download Videos From Multiple Formats
You can select a video to download from multiple formats ranging from a simple MP4 to highest resolution K4 videos. With TubeMate Downloader Android, you can also convert Video into Mp3 Audio format.

6.      Download Videos in the Simplest AAC Format
 And when you have a slower internet connection, you can then choose to download videos in the simplest AAC format. You can download more than one video in a single instant of time and in case your download stops midway, with the help of its resume download support feature of TubeMate Downloader Android, you can resume  the download from that very point once the internet connection is established back.

This  TubeMate Downloader Android can be used a substitute for YouTube as well. You can use it as a video player to download your videos. There are videos available on the internet in multiple resolutions.  Depending on the capability and retention power of your device, you can select your desired resolution.
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