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Why it is necessary to use PDN Analyzers

A PDN analyzer is installed to help with the reduction of power supply especially when there is a decrease in voltage.

In any integrated circuit (IC) the number of transistors increase every few years. This makes them become denser and denser. The denser they become, the more power they consume. They also reduce the operating systems of on any active devices delivering electrical power. This can be a big disadvantage to many consumers as it will affect their regular schedules both in their businesses and at their homes especially during power fluctuations. It can also lead to damage of electrical appliances. All these problems will lead any consumer to incurring more costs for maintenance and repairs.

To curb this problem, it is necessary to install a power delivery network (PDN).PDNanalyzers were not considered as necessary a number of years back. With today’s lower voltage and high currents, PDNanalyzers are very necessary in every PCB (Power Circuit Board).

Reasons why installing a PDNanalyzer is necessary

  • A PDNanalyzergives you power stability. Fluctuations in power delivery can cause great harm to electrical gadgets and great frustrations to the users. With PDN installation, there is a stable flow of power thus protecting any appliances from damage in case of an outage or during fluctuations. This will allow consumers to go about their daily chores with a peace of mind.
  • With a PDN, it is much easier to make any design changes deemed necessary on the PCB set up.A PDN reduces energy costs. With the installation of PDN, customers are able to track down and monitor their energy consumption patterns and take any necessary action easily if they are not satisfied.
  • Using a PDNanalyzer increases satisfaction by the user. Better quality power supply increases reliability and confidence. It also creates more productivity. It also creates more productivity.
  • PDNanalyzers are very compatible. They can easily be incorporated into any sector. Some of the sectors that would benefit greatly from a good PDNanalyzer are manufacturing Companies and industries, computer and other IT networks, telecommunication and application systems, schools and colleges hospitals, and many others.
  • PDNanalyzers greatly enhances better planning. Their capability of gathering accurate data of any distribution network as compared to the older systems, allows for better maintenance and excellent engineering.
  • PDNanalyzers deliver extremely clean power to all the integrated circuits. This ensures maximum protection of the integrated circuits and uninterrupted flow of power ensuring efficiency and sufficiency.
  • They offer low noise services to all the interconnects especially when there is an unstable power distribution. The interconnectsare the Power circuit boards, the capacitors, routed system capacities and others.

Problems encountered in the installation of PDNanalyzers

  • As much as it is very essential to have PDN for both businesses and homes, its design and analysis is very complex. A PDN system consisting of domain, package, chips and the analysis techniques make it difficult to comprehend and can only be installed by very few qualified staff.
  • The cost of installing a PDN analyzer is high.
  • Due to the changes in technology, there are several interruptions once in a while to either upgrade the analyzers or check on their performance.


Apart from the few disadvantages, PDNanalyzers are worth trying as they not only save you money in the long run, but you get continuous and reliable very clean supply of power throughout. They save your time and help boost your productivity.
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