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Will Mr 360 ABD help the South African Chokers win The Champions Trophy.

The career and stats of Ab Deviller are impressive. So, does he gives his 110 per cent attitude whenever he plays a match. These factors usually combine to help spark any team to victory especially when playing for the championship. One player can usually provide the needed ingredient to turn a so-so team into one that is impossible to beat as they march to the winner’s circle.

But is age catching up with Deviller? He is pushing 34 and is at an age when many other athletes from other sports are thinking of slowing down or retiring. One answer would be, look at his lack luster performance of late. He is not producing as he once did and it is questionable that he can return to form for such a high intensity competition as the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

It is not impossible that he can find the magic once again, it has been done before. The aging athlete digs down and finds a reserve that only he knew he had and plays at a top level once again, making younger players look old and slow. But those performances are rare.

Deviller predicts he will be playing at top form throughout the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and his attitude is that of a winner as is willing to play wherever his team needs him. We wish more players carried that attitude to their competitions.

It is certain that Deviller is one of the most talented cricket players that have played the sport but after 13 seasons does he have enough talent left to lead the South African team to victory? Most people think so as his versatility on the field is one of his strengths. His fans hope so to but time will tell as the South African competition is not filled with a bunch of slackers and are talented in their own right.

If you are interested in seeing if Deviller leads his team to victory or is thwarted in his quest you can, if you live in Canada and Europe, watch it live on YuppTV. For those living in the UK, Australia, or Asian countries, you will only be able to see his triumph or defeat via highlights of Eng vs Aus and clips on YuppTV.

Then for the American audience only live commentary is available for these exciting matches on YuppTV. No matter how you follow Deviller, YuppTv will bring you the coverage so you can see if he is going to a victor or has to wait another 4 years for one more opportunity to retire a champion.
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