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COPD Treatment

Those diagnosed with COPD and have been given a clear expectancy of their life has one major concern- treatment. There are different natural treatment methods for COPD today, but to make a decision on which method to use for your present condition, you should have a full understanding of each method. 

With the variety of methods ranging from traditional medicine to natural treatment, having a clear understanding of your health, lifestyle and the efficiency of each treatment is critical to making the best choice.

With your health in mind, we have come up with some of the best treatment methods to help making a choice easier for you. 

Traditional Medication:This medication involves the normal medicines like pills, inhalers and supplemental oxygen. The pill-based medication has proved to be effective with patients who suffer from pulmonary fibrosis. The Inhalers are used for relieving symptoms- either long term or the long term. The oxygen therapy involves the direct delivery of oxygen through the nose tube which works to relieve shortness of breath.

Surgery: When looking out for treatment for COPD, some patients may consider surgery as a logical choice, especially if their disease stage is advanced enough- either stage 3 or 4. When considering the surgical options, there are primarily to options: the lung transplant and lung volume reduction surgery.

The lung transplant comes with incredible benefits as the diseased lungs are replaced, giving the patient a new lung providing a better respiratory function. Patient who have successful transplants experiences huge changes in respiratory functions. However, lung transplants are expensive and the cost of the immunotherapy drugs can be ridiculous. 

Lung Volume Reduction surgery, on the other hand, involves the removal of some parts of the lungs that are not working properly. By doing this, the removed parts allow other parts to function more effectively and ultimately improve breathing process. As with every invasive surgery, LVRS can have some risks despite its benefits. Many people who suffer from COPD are not qualified for this CODP treatment. To be an eligible candidate, you will:
  • Have severe emphysema that does not respond to medical therapy.
  • Be younger than 75 to 80 years old.
  •  Have not smoked for at least 4 months. 
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery results.
Natural Treatment: This is mostly considered when traditional treatment options appear not to be working, too expensive, or the side effects outweighs benefits and when surgery appears too expensive or dangerously invasive. Natural alternative offers more efficiency, cost saving, and safety. It uses natural body healing mechanism to treat COPD.

When making a choice on the right COPD treatment to go for, you should be sure to have an in-depth knowledge of each treatment process, benefits and side effects.
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