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Health and Safety Planning Are Important Elements of the Event Planning Process

Health and safety are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a large scale event or a corporate event. You will probably start by looking at entertainment options or brainstorming a theme. However, you cannot organise a successful event without making sure the attendees are safe. Planning your event in a safe manner will be a lot easier if you consider these issues early on during the planning process so you have enough time to address any issues you might encounter.

Look for Quality Suppliers

Choose event suppliers who care about safety and who offer reliable equipment. Look for companies that have obtained safety certifications and who put quality and safety first. Companies accredited by Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) should be the first in your list. Selecting an exemplary event hire company such as Little Monsters will make sure that large scale events are organised to be safe and a fun experience for the attendees.

Use Reliable Equipment

A website or a brochure claiming that equipment is safe to use and has been tested is not enough. You need to confirm safety certifications on your own and find out whether or not the testing process was thorough enough. Companies should test the inflatables through PIPA, a scheme used to make sure that inflatable equipment follows a set of standards. You will find a tag attached to each piece of equipment. This tag can be looked up in a national database to find more details regarding the testing standards. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) supports PIPA and this approach is a great way to help you organise safe events.

Electrical Safety Is Important

Electrical equipment failure can have terrible consequences. We tend to take electricity for granted but this is one of the things you will have to check when planning an event. Every item that requires electricity needs to be safe and reliable or your event might not go smoothly. The electrical equipment should be tested annually according to the PAT procedure. The Portable Appliance Testing guidelines are published by the HSE. The electrical equipment for large or small events should be reliable and safe to use thanks to this testing procedure.

Assess Your Risks

Don't wait until the last minute before assessing risks for your event. You should start assessing risks as soon as you have a venue for your event. You might not have enough time to address potential risks if you wait until you are further along in the planning process. If you are planning a large event, you will need insurance and will need to work with suppliers who are properly insured as well. The inflatable and entertainment equipment should come with a public liability insurance. You should also be able to rely on the company's experience and expertise if you need individual risk assessment for the different pieces of equipment you will be using for your event.

Staff Should Be Trained

Staffing is one of the things to consider when planning an event. You need to have the support you need at different levels. Responsibilities need to be distributed and communication between your staff should be easy. Train your staff members prior to the event. Make sure you have enough people who have received a first aid certification. The operating staff must be thoroughly trained in the installation and operation of the equipment we offer. The RPII exams at the operational and supervisory levels will be a peace of mind to you and your attendees that you're in safe hands and will have a fun and safe experience. When done correctly, planning for the health and safety aspect of your event is not something that should be noticed by the attendees. Start planning in advance, work with reliable suppliers, assess your risks and provide additional training to your staff if necessary. These steps will help you plan a successful event that everyone will enjoy.
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