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How to customize your classic video game consoles?

Classic video games are more popular. Many people are gathering classic games and consoles. The NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis and so on all had excellent games that were simple and enjoyable to understand the best way to play.

The plastic appears to yellow, although you discover that a lot of the consoles have not aged very nicely if you are like me and sometimes there are marks cannot get rid of no matter how tough you clean the program. Even if you can locate a system the in a bad situation, you might find the original layout of some classic video game consoles is extremely out-of-date or which you want a unique type.

Let us face reality, the NES was potentially the greatest console, but it seems similar to a VCR or 8 track player, really un-cool. Redesign the program by re-painting the console however you want. Sound complicated? It requires some practice, a little creativity, and the proper resources.

Tools Needed

You have the proper resources to get the work done before you get started you will need to ensure. You are going to need a different screwdriver called sports bit or a protection bit, if you would like to start a SNES or N64.It's possible for you to see them on e-bay for about $1. For some newer techniques, you might need a Torx bit screwdriver (Xbox, PS2).

You'll also require some painters tape, a great razor, a rag, dish soap, paint thinner and some high-quality spray-paint primarily developed for plastics. In case you use a color which is not designed for plastics then it's going to wash off quickly and cannot bond to the plastic properly (do not make the same errors I did). You'll also require gloves, painters mask and some cardboard.


You want to have a style in mind before you begin painting. What your style is and that which you like is of course entirely up to you, but I discover that a few of the models that are the finest function inside the initial design of the classic video game consoles.

I prefer to believe what it'll then seem like when I set it back together and of what colors I will paint the areas of the console.
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