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Master bedroom décor ideas for your home

Tips to spice up the most intimate space in your home

Bedroom is the most important room of a house. It is a private domain, which should convey warmth and coziness. All days begin there, and end there. A perfect bedroom is an important part of home interior designing.

Everything in your bedroom right from the bedding to curtains and wall play their role in creating an overall ambience to your interiors. If you want to spice up this private, intimate space for you, check out these must do bedroom decorating ideas.

Lights: Lights have a key role in setting your mood. Lighting conveys many feelings. It’s good to have soft lighting in your bedroom. Of course you’ll need some utility lighting, but a lamp next to your bed will do it as you can turn off all the rest with just this up. If your light is too harsh, try softening it up with a sheer scarf. If possible, buy an exquisite piece of chandelier and feel the difference.

Walls:The way you use color in your bedroom is important. Greys and whites are modern and dramatic, but not refreshing. Deep reds and pinks are widely known as romantic shades, but you’re not limited to just them. Warm tones like soft oranges, cream, ivory and shades of yellows or cool tones like blue and green can be soothing. They gel well with many themes. Using wallpapers or textured wall paintings with a fantasy theme is also good idea. Feng Shui practitioners believe that the color of your bedroom can affect your life a whole lot by creating positive ‘chi’ (energy) between you and your partner.

Bed-Linens:Try using soft, silky bed-linens and put away your utilitarian cotton sheets for a while. Feeling of fabrics like satin, high thread count cotton sheets or soft blankets next your skin can give an unparalleled cosy feel. Choose colors that go with your theme or some warm colours for a soothing effect.

Flowers:Scents triggers your mood and so, some fresh flowers set next to your bedside can recharge your spirits for a good sleep and for a fresh morning wake up. Roses are the best, but experiment with lavender, jasmine or lily. If you can’t get any fresh flowers, try to spray your sheets with your favorite fragrances.

No to Clutter!:Always keep your bedroom free from all clutters, as a messy room can take away your sleep. Nothing kills your positive mood faster than a stack of papers or a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. Anything that resembles work (including housework) should go.

Bed Position:Your bed should be positioned in the most prominent place in the room. Large, ornate headboards, four-poster beds or beds with canopies work well with fantasy themes. Keeping a large mirror above or to the side of the bed is a good design concept.

Drapery:Heavy draping not only create an ultimate night time ambiance; it also keeps unnecessary light from interfering, and blocks few disturbing sounds going around. Choose drapes as to complement your bedding and room theme.

Wall Pictures:The images on walls can transform your room as well as your spirits. Got a collection of your personalised photos or moments that are just yours? Put them up by converting a wall of your bedroom into a ‘Love Wall’.

Accessories:Accessorize the room with small details like candles or a tray with wine glasses. Twisting sheer tulle or putting twinkling lights around the posts or canopy of the bed adds a dreamy touch. As music plays an important role in setting your spirits, set it right near your bed, a mellow music to play.

Flooring:Nothing can ruin your morning or make it lively than the first feel you get. How do you feel if step out of your bed on to a cold hard floor? Make sure your first step for the day is cushy and comforting. A soft rug can make a difference for you.

Here are a few quick tips:
  • If your room is small, a light palette can make it appear spacious.
  • If you are looking for thematic bed room, you can choose standalone themes for different bed rooms or make it in sync with the overall theme of the house.
  • Make sure the room is airy and cross ventilated for a free flow of fresh air.
  • If your balcony or windows is facing the sun in the afternoon, heavy dark drapery is recommended.
  • An expert interior design firm can help you choose the right materials and plans for your bedroom.
  • You can also take inspiration from bedroom decor ideas online.
Try these and feel the changes in your everyday life. Sweet dreams are yours when you have a perfect space to rest your head.
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