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NeuroEngineering - The Brain, Body and Life

Of all the ailments that one can cure or expect total recuperation, the mental ailments are the most difficult of all. The fact that it takes many years for people to show symptoms or even for their family or close people to realize it, makes it difficult nevertheless. Only on finding a few symptoms, can one start treatment for any mental ailment.

A perfectly healthy person, who might be a busy homemaker or perhaps running a business, might suddenly start forgetting things or collapse or even have blackouts. All such symptoms are scary not just for the person especially if he cannot explain what is happening.

Dr. Curtis Cripe of NTL Group Inc. of Arizona is a specialist in behavior medicine and Neuroscience. With his researches in this field, he has come across this new field of NeuroEngineering, which is as promising as it can be.

What are the symptoms to look out for?

Since most of the times, these ailments happen to the most unsuspecting people and to the people who are otherwise quite strong-willed, it becomes difficult to note. Just remembering that every person is just as much of a human and can undergo a host of feelings, and emotions should be a great way to accept people.

Now, talking about the mental disorders, there are a few factors that include:
  • Depression
  • Chronic disease
  • Loss or personal grief
Symptoms can range from sleeplessness, to lack of appetite, to getting agitated, or even suddenly facing lack of motor skills. These symptoms are something that everyone has to keep note of and take that person to the doctor.

Most of the times, people refrain from visiting the neurologist just because they fear the repurcussions or the social stigma attached with mental health.

But a visit to a reputed neurologist is essential in case the forgetfulness gets out of hand. It is even more necessary if the patient gets regular headaches or other such problems that trouble him or the people who work or study with him.

How the patients shall benefit with this treatment?

With NeuroEngineering’s procedure of Brain Recovery Program, Curtis Cripe, who is the founder of the Crossroads Institute, and fellow scientists, have come up with various means to treat a host of cognitive disorders including Alzheimer’s.

Treatment for such disorders must be deep rooted and it must have lasting effects. The NeuroEngineering treatment goes by the process of diagnosis, analysis and then treating the patients. Whether it is a disease due to trauma or due to personal loss or pain, one has to find the root of that issue. With children’s autism too, one can find better treatment and today, there are scores of children who are able to lead a normal life.

Treatment shall be with care for the paying specific care and attention to the patients with these symptoms and even beyond. In case of crucial health concerns when traditional medical practitioners might lose hope, there is still a lot of faith on these specialists of neuroengineering.
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