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Salads, the healthy soul food

‘Salads’ is that one section in most food menus that is glossed over quickly by many. Simple, a salad is a dose of pure unadulterated health. A salad is a rich source of fiber, nutrition and healthy fat. Regular intake of salads helps in weight loss and building muscle. It adds a bit of color and crunch to your meal.

Literally speaking salads come in all sizes and shapes. You can indulge in meal sized salads that take care of your taste craving and hunger. You can partake of delicately flavored appetizer kind of salads that just get you started on a multiple course meal. You can order a fresh crunchy vegetable salad. You can also experiment with salads that are a combination of fruit, vegetables and nuts. You can have a salad raw, cooked or even cold. Yes there are some cold salads too. Basically, there is a salad for every type of appetite.

Another really interesting aspect of salads is the dressing. There are so many varieties of salad dressing. If you actually want to try one each day, then you may need to wait a full year to repeat a dressing. Well, this might sound slightly on the exaggeration side, but it’s not far from truth. Salad dressing can be simple vinaigrette, creamy, spicy, tangy, fruity, lemony or even minty.  A salad dressing adds that little bit of mystery to your salad bowl. You will be left exploring textures and tastes much like Emile, brother of Remy, courtesy the Ratatouille fame.

No matter which city you are in, ordering a salad is a smooth task now. Food home delivery service is an accepted practice. In fact, it is a much looked forward to practice. Ordering anything online is comfortable, quick and hassle free. Same thing holds true for salads too. You can order a salad online anywhere. Whether at work or home, a food app based order gets you tasking a crunchy, flavorful salad in no time.

In a recent trip to Delhi, I just searched for order food online in Delhi to find best of online food delivery services. Thankfully, there were enough options for salads. It was a hot summer day,I chose to order a mayonnaise based cold salad with a generous portion of vegetables, micro greens, Mexican beans. Much to my delight the salad arrived in less than 60 minutes nice and cold. It was crunchy enough, tasty to the core and the portion just right to take care of my hunger. Well, what can I say? Long live online food apps. God bless! 
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