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A Big No to the Use of Pesticides Makes Way for Organic Farming

As per the farmers worldwide, traditional forms of farming are always the best and the major portion of people associated with the field tend to go in with the same. The reasons for appreciating the need for traditional farming could be the better it offers, purity to the crops and good nutrition to the people consuming the same. Too much use of pesticides and insecticides is really very harmful to the crops and must be avoided for all the positive reasons. They not only affect the quality of the crops but more so they are the sole reason behind the death of the various birds and insects consuming this pesticide and insecticide sprayed crops.

Concept of Organic Farming

All this brought to light the need and utility of organic farming, the concept much into public with the efforts of farm owners like Geoffrey Morell . He along with his wife spread the information related to organic farming, harmful effects of pesticides on crops as well as we, human beings. Also in the process, he talked about global warming which is affecting the environment by all the wrong reasons.

Once the benefits of organic farming were realized by the farmers, they were certainly in for the same. They had a feeling that absence of fertilizers, pesticides or any other form of chemicals to the crops would mean increased production and more profits in the long run. Avoiding the use of synthetics to the crops will give a boost to the productivity as well as prove profitable for the farmers as well.

Regular and Consistent Crops with Higher Returns

It is a well-known fact that each individual farmer wants more profits at the end of the day. Such a farmer will not like his/her crops getting destroyed due to any of the wrong reasons which would mean less money in hand. Each farmer happens to put in a lot of physical efforts on the field and does not want it to go waste. As per Geoffrey Morell , each farmer wants a better crop which means regular and consistent returns and that too on a higher side always. Thus without any kinds of doubts in the mind, one can say that organic farming is the best and must be recommended to the farmers to the maximum possible extent.

Too much or excessive use of the pesticides could not only harm the crops and the birds and insects feeding on them but make the land deficient of the much-needed nutrients and spoil the soil quality. In the process, various salts and minerals get lost from the field and it becomes deficient to raise the good quality of crops with higher yields. Thus the farmers would never agree to the same and definitely will not go for it during the long intervals. Relocation of the farms is not at all possible and feasible option, which must be even given a try at any point in time.

To sum it up all, Geoffrey Morell and his author wife have come up with the benefits of organic farming and work on propagating the same among the farmers for better results in the future.
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