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Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Family Photos

You haven't had a family portrait taken in a very long time; your children are growing so fast, and it is important that this project be done soon. You need a professional photographer to take photos of all of your household members and don't quite know where to begin. Some of the steps to take and questions to ask of the photographers you are considering can include the following: 

Inquire as to Qualifications

Ask photographers whom you are considering how many years they have been taking pictures, what their educational background is, and what their specialties are. You may not want to take your family in for a formal portrait if the photographer's main source of income is sports photography. You will want a professional who is used to dealing with various poses, backdrops, and children. 

View Photo Portfolio

Visit the studios of professional photographers in your area and ask to view their work. Most will have many albums of photos and walls of pictures that they have taken over the years. Page through and view them and study the poses, the color, the quality, and the various portrait sizes available. Visit their websites to gain even more insight as to their style and work ethic. Ask yourself these questions while viewing the pictures: Was everyone looking at the camera when the photos were taken? Is the color clear and sharp? Did poses look natural or stiff and stilted? This will help you decide exactly how you want your photos to look and who you want to take them. Click this link for even more info: 

Ask About Extras 

Some of the extra you might be considering could include framing and matting, a CD of all the negatives, and/or an online photo selection. Some photographers will even offer discounts for future sessions. Many have side services you may consider in the future such as passport photos, photo booths, and school photos. 

Ask for References 

While at the studios, ask for references of individuals who have used their services. Some questions you might want to ask of them could include the following: How long did the entire session photo session take? Were the photographers easy to work with? Were the photos developed in a timely manner? Were the casual or formal photos more appealing? 

Look at All Costs

The cost of your photo sessions is also very important but should not be the deciding factor. The cheapest photographer isn't always the best choice. Sometimes they are less expensive because they use less expensive materials, don't have as much experience, or have less overhead than others. Also, look for hidden costs. Ask about extra charges for adjustments such as extra poses, offsite locations, and multiple outfits. This way you will not be surprised when these extra charges appear on your final bill. 

As you can see, choosing a professional photographer doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Just research the photographers thoroughly until you find one that fits your needs and your budget. You will be so happy with the photos of your family; they will provide memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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