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Five Tips for Taking Killer Photos with Your Phone

One of the coolest things about smartphones is that you are never without a camera when you have one. Whenever the mood strikes, you can quickly snap a photo with your smartphone. Anyone can take a picture with their phone, but it takes some knowhow to capture a great smartphone photograph. Here are four tips you can use to take the best smartphone photos possible.

1. Forget About HDR

The first thing you should do to improve your smartphone photos is to turn the HDR setting off. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it is a method your phone uses to take many pictures at once and blend them together to create a finished photograph that has greater detail. While it can work if done right, in most cases HDR fouls up the photograph and makes it look unnatural. Keeping things simple is the key to taking good pictures with your phone, and it starts with turning the HDR setting off.

2. Learn All the Details of Your Camera

As well as the HDR setting, you should know what all the other settings are on your phone, what they do and how to use them. Play around with different settings to see how they change your photographs. With experimentation, you will discover ways to take better smartphone photos. Make sure to experiment with your settings in all sorts of different environments so that you learn how the settings work in every situation. This will ensure you know how to adjust your camera settings quickly to capture a good photo no matter where you encounter it.

3. Don’t Zoom

It is usually a mistake to zoom when taking photographs with your phone. When you zoom in, you lose detail. Don’t worry if you are taking a shot that will have to be cropped later. That’s fine. Cropping does not cause the picture quality to downgrade the same way that zooming does, which means taking a bigger picture and cropping it later is usually the right choice. Remember to keep it simple by forgetting about zoom.

4. Think About the Composition

You need to think about what kind of picture you are taking before you snap the photo. Maybe it is going to be your new Facebook cover photo. That means you want to turn your phone on its side for a landscape composition. On the other hand, printing an Instagram photo with would mean you would want to hold the phone vertically when you snap the pic. Taking a moment to think about composition before you take the shot will lead to much better results.

With a little practice, you will soon have the art of smartphone photography down pat. Remember to keep things simple when taking photographs. Know how to use all the settings, but leave them alone when you can to take the most natural pictures possible. Remember to keep an eye on the composition of your shots. Most of all, have fun. A positive attitude will lead to positive results in your photography.
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