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How to Successfully Work as a Digital Nomad

The idea of being a digital nomad feels inherently glamorous and fun. You can be a free spirit who travels the world in an RV or going from country to country and working along the way to support your lifestyle. There’s just one key to realize here: you actually have to be working.

It can be tough to balance your work-life schedule when you’re a digital nomad because the allure of only doing the fun stuff can be strong. It’s also important that no matter where you are in the world, you’re able to connect with clients, maintaining relationships and keeping the flow of work steady.

The following are some tips to keep in mind in terms of not just becoming a digital nomad, but being successful in this kind of work scenario.

Always Be Networking

As a digital nomad, most of your networking will probably be done online, but it’s something you need to put effort into consistently.

There can be points in your career where you feel like if anything you’re overloaded with work and networking is the last thing on your mind, but it’s at these times you need to be preparing for the dry times by keeping your relationships strong and also forming new ones.

Be active on social media and make sure you’re regularly connecting not just with current but future clients.

Keep Up Your Personal Blog

Even when you’re swamped with work from other clients, make sure that you keep your own personal blog strong. You can blog about whatever but it’s a good way to keep your name out there and make sure your work options aren’t limited when you need them.

Have a Daily Routine

Being a digital nomad can be a lot tougher than you even realize. You might be sitting in your RV looking at the beautiful scenery around you, wondering if you have the self-control to get to work. To help you avoid some of the pitfalls that come with this lifestyle, create a consistent daily routine with set work hours. This can help you maintain not only a good set of work habits but also a routine that will ensure you maximize your productivity in all areas of your life.

Productivity is essential because you need to be able to consistently produce value in order to also consistently produce income.

Don’t Try to Combine Work and Fun

Part of the beauty of traveling and working remotely is capturing that elusive work-life balance, but try to keep work and life separate at the same time.

For example, don’t try to work in the local lively coffee shop with live music, or on the beach. It’s just not going to go well. Set up an office space wherever you work and designate separate times and places for work versus fun.

It’s important when you’re a digital nomad that you’re able to prioritize, self-motivate and that you put as much emphasis on building your career as you do your travels, otherwise you won’t have the freedom of this lifestyle for long.
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