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Mobile and Digital Marketing Should Improve User Experiences

There are many ways that mobile and digital marketing increase how users access your brand. On the one hand, digital marketing is an important source of lead generation. This can lead to increased numbers of prospects contacting your company. If these prospects are handled correctly, your company earns more sales. On the other hand, digital marketing positions your brand in a market that includes parties conducting different transactions, much as the Apple iPhone connects producers and users in an App Store world.

A Bit of Background

While you might have to choose the right digital marketing expert to streamline your content marketing, social media campaigns, and other marketing efforts to fit your current needs, you want to achieve a total brand experience. Digital marketing must match what customers experience when they visit, call, email, or chat online with your personnel. In a recent post on, there's a graphic that helps to explain why the App Store is so successful. The iPhone serves as a platform for the exchange of data between producers and data users, but there's also the possibility for both sides of a transaction to give feedback to each other. A platform model enhances experiences for producers and users. Your digital marketing should accommodate users, but it may also include producers (i.e. when your company uses a content marketing network for more inbound traffic).

The Starbucks Example

Every time we think about why the user experience matters, it's easy to refer to the world's most popular brands. On, Karen Clark Cole cites the example of the Starbucks app, which helps users inform their baristas about exactly how many pumps of mocha syrup they want and whether they want whip cream and caramel drizzle on top of their salted mocha Frappuccino. The endless combinations of drinks at Starbucks are mind-boggling. While the Starbucks app has presented some bugs along the way, it continuously saves users time because they can place orders in advance and skip in-store lines. We encourage you to consider whether your digital marketing efforts are saving users time and giving them a better experience. If not, how can you make this happen?

The Digital Ecosystem

Your online marketing efforts also serve to position your company in a larger digital ecosystem. Here's a great quote from Nike (also from Clark Cole's piece). "Digital offers a fundamental transformation of our business, as we create an industry-leading digital ecosystem that flows through all that we do." While your company may serve a narrow sector of the economy, such as the nail polish industry, you want to incorporate a mobile or digital component to your brand. Discover more here.

Preparing for the Future

We live in a digital world in which apps and digital content will continue to dominate. Mobile users want more and more control over how they spend their money. They want convenient ways to interact with brands and to make purchases on a whim. Their mobile devices make it easy to consume from as many brands as they wish, and they don't have to debate about their impulsive buying decisions. The current marketing environments, both digital and mobile, don't require them to commit to any brand.
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