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Tackling the Silent Killer at Home: Diabetes

Not many people are aware of this but close to 62 million people suffer from Diabetes in India, including some who may not be even aware that they have it. Though there’s a risk of developing diabetes inherently from either parents, and there’s a higher risk in acquiring it hereditarily, scientists and doctors have concluded that it mainly depends on the lifestyle choices of people in most cases. Diabetes is a slow to grow but quick to kill kind of disease that if left untreated or uncontrolled, means certain death in most cases due to the nature of the disease. Diabetics have a degenerating condition of their bones and eyes, face kidney issues and even have an elevated chance of heart attacks or blood pressure if they don’t take steps to control it. There is certain Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes that people can take as precautions and preventions to any of the major effects of Diabetes. If you or anyone in your family or among your friends suffers from it, then make sure that they understand and try  to remove Diabetes from Body.

Pursue the Following Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes:
  1. Diet:
Since diabetics can’t produce enough insulin to metabolize sugar, one healthy practice could be to  limit or stop the amount of sugar or sweet food intake including those which include trace sugars and starch like white bread, potato, sweet fruits, etc. Instead, artificial sweeteners are available to satisfy the cravings for sweet food. This is an important aspect of Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes as most diabetics find it difficult to control sugar cravings and think that it’s not as important as long as they are taking their medicine. This along with a balanced Vitamin rich diet is a great remedy to tackle diabetes at home.
  1. Exercise or Yoga:
By exercise or by doing Yoga, any diabetic can control their diabetes without resorting to strong medical alternatives. Yoga has certain asanas that can help control and reduce the harm diabetes does like the Vrikshasana, Dhanurasana, Hal asana or the simplest; Anulom-Vilom.
Yoga and proper exercise are important Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes that people can follow at their leisure and time and gain rewards at any place for little effort.
  1. Meditation:
Finally, meditation. Meditation is one such part of every handbook or article about Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes that cannot be stressed upon enough. Certain stress hormones such as cortisol, noradrenalin and adrenaline affect the release of insulin in our body. These neurohormones are the direct result of stress on our body. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and thereby reduce the production of these hormones which in turn leads to appropriate production of Insulin and better management of glucose levels in the blood. This is an important Remedies Useful Tips for Diabetes as any and should not be easily overlooked.
Thus with such Home remedies, people can take the initiative to take their health into their own hand before they feel the need to consult doctors.
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