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Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing is the process of rejuvenating an old disgraceful surface into a once again playable tennis surface. This is sometimes referred to as Tennis court painting. But is it just floor paint? Well, think about it. Court Resurfacing includes two phases– the first phase is cleaning and washing out the older court coat completely, this helps check the health of asphalt/concrete substrate, the most important part. The substrate is then checked for the lower or higher spots/slopes with the help of lasers guided tools, if found faulty that gets uniformly levelled. Surface cracks are also filled for an even coat. This phase is called ‘Repair Phase’.

The second phase is ‘Surfacing Phase’. Followed by the first phase, when the surface gets dried. The acrylic paint is coated on the surface of the court. Usually,3 Acrylic Coats are required to be applied over the playing area. Whereas, two Acrylic Coats are required to be applied over the Boundary Coat. This seals the substrate. Finally, the Paint Lines are drawn on the court as per the specifications of the United States Tennis Association.

Why do you need Tennis Court Resurfacing?

Proper maintenance is essential for a court. Acrylic tennis courts are needed to be resurfaced after every four to 8 years, depending upon their level of maintenance and match frequency. The durability would suffer if the courts aren’t properly maintained and that can also raise the next resurfacing cost. The reason for the raise would be – need of extra equipment, chemicals and obviously extra time.

Even with the proper maintaining, no hard court can last longer than 5 years, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. Even a well constructed hard court will develop cracks, due to seasonal frost and defrost. No one wants to play on dirty cracked courts, and if it’s an academy or your professional level is degrading over time due to the inferiority of court surface. You need to have Tennis Court Resurfacing now!

How much will it cost to get it resurfaced?

A tennis court contractor will perform a site visit and look for the issues with the court, the issues that you might overlook. Then after keeping the variety of facts in concern, a tennis court resurfacing project can cost anywhere between $4000 to $8000. The level or damage, selection of acrylic and requirement of equipment can take the cost to the higher degrees.
Benefits of Tennis Court Resurfacing

A proper resurfacing can add more years to your expensive asphalt/concrete substrate beneath the court’s coat. Not only does resurfacing gives a new life to court with happier vibrant colors, but the acrylic paint will also protect the substrate from weathering and cracks.

Players will be at a great loss if the resurfacing gets averted. Although it is high-priced, tennis court resurfacing is not a matter of will. It is a necessity. Still, it doesn’t mean court curators should get that done to cut some cost. It is a task of experts and one shouldn’t DIY a Tennis Court Resurfacing by watching some YouTube tutorials. Proper resurfacing requires training for the use of equipment and foremost the precision while using them. If a step goes inaccurate during or after the surfacing, it may cost another resurfacing.
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