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The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Many small businesses neglect digital marketing, including Facebook pages, sending out emails with promotions and offers to established customers, paying popular Instagram influencers to endorse products. Traditional marketing such as radio stations and television networks playing advertisements is outdated, reaching fewer recipients than digital marketing, costing more money, and a general inability to target specific demographics. 

Digital marketing is loads cheaper than traditional methods, helping small businesses spread word of their products, services, and brand image. Every small business owner should seriously consider implementing Internet-based promotional strategies into their repertoire, including these basic efforts.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing first requires you to create a page for your business. Facebook is a great starting point, as this platform is by far the world's most popular, with more than two billion registered users. 

People peruse Facebook for three central reasons: to be informed, entertained, and educated. Direct advertisements to sell products and services is not included in these three necessary aspects of social media marketing. Encouraging customers to purchase products by hosting links to them on Facebook will often make friends and followers irritated. Instead, create and share entertaining, educational, and informative posts.

Inform friends of how your business got started or struggles you endured during the baby stages of its foundation. Entertain them with posts related to your business or field it operates in that make them laugh, cry, or otherwise emotional. Educate followers of how your products are manufactured that many may not already know about.
Email marketing

Sharing promotions and direct advertisements through email is an appropriate way of sharing them with established customers and potentially interested patrons. Email marketing involves sending out regular, scheduled emails to people who have already provided you their contact information. To receive customers' contact information, consider providing them with store credit, freebies, or discounts on products in exchange for email and name. Many email marketing programs exist for creating templates ahead of time and sending them out according to fixed schedules, customizing emails for each recipient with name and email address.
Incident management

Problems happen in every business, ranging from unfulfilled orders to customer service incidents. Small business owners should invest in software that brings together aspects of ticket management and conflict resolution. Popular incident management programs are essential to ensuring these problems never go unresolved. However, many small business owners are unfamiliar with how these softwares operate. Understand how these programs work with Pagerduty -- see it here to find out what you need to know as a small business owner.
Getting reputable websites to share links to your company's products, services, and research is crucial to getting exposure online. Consider paying off popular sites to host your links or guest blogs. Reach out to such sites directly and find out which linkbuilding opportunities are best for your business.

Digital marketing is often directly correlated to optimal business performance. Every small business should engage in digital marketing strategies, whether owners feel it's beneficial or not. Implement these basic steps into your small business's promotional repertoire and begin reaping the benefits immediately.
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