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Things You Must Know About Hoverboards

Surely this two-wheeled Segway without the handlebars popularly called the “hoverboard” is an interesting device worth having for fun. Being called by different names such as glideboard, Segway, and hoverboard Segway, and hands-free electric scooters are highly in demand during summer and Christmas vacations. While it’s catching all the attention of kids as well as adults, you might need to fulfill your curiosity regards the same. 

If you are planning to buy electric self-balancing scooter,there are things you must know about this new digital toy. The things you should be aware of can be divided into two parts: Buying and riding.
Before buying the device, you are likely to have some pre-shopping questions for the product availability in the market, its features, and utilization.

There are two types of this fascinating device which are Airwheel and board design hoverboards. The Airwheel  consists of two or one large wheels placed in the center of the instrument and pressure sensitive pads on the each side of the wheel. The board design, on the other hand, comprises of two wheels rotating independently and latched on both the sides using hinges.

There are main four aspects you need to know about before you buy one: Its wheel size, the body weight it can support, speed, and charging time.

Wheel sizes vary from product to product and depend on your choice as well. The minimum size of hoverboard wheel is 6.5 inch, and the maximum is 10 inch. Each size has its own benefits. Smallest wheel size hoverboards are efficient for smooth and small paths. Bigger boards with 8 to 10 inches wheel sizes are perfect for rough roads because of their stability on uneven surfaces.

It supports different body weights up to 120 kilograms or 220 pounds depending on the product. Make sure to buy one that can carry more than your total body weight. Hoverboards with 10in wheel size are better for those who weigh over a hundred kgs while 7in wheel size is ideal who weigh below that.

The speed of this device relies on user's weight, the size of the wheels and model. Average speed most hoverboards provide is around 10mph. It ranges between 12 to 17 miles in standard boards while the speed in Airwheel ranges around 4 to 6 miles in low-end models and 24 to 28 miles in premium models.

On being fully charged, a hoverboard can run up to two hours and covers 10 to 12 miles. However, the battery life depends on the speed, body weight, and surface tract. 

After collecting all the information, here comes the point when you wonder where to buy the hoverboard. While most people prefer to buy it directly from manufacturers or agents, there are numerous options to buy it online. You should also visit to find excellent deals to buy hoverboards. 

As it comes to riding one such device, besides the user guide, your trials will cause you to jiggle back and forth. Remember that, to move, you need to lean forwards and backward, in whatever direction you want. Similarly, works the turning. If you want to take a left, you push right toe forward and visa verse. The best way to practice it is, to practice in small laps and taking slight turns. Getting on and off also is a part of practicing hoverboard, but once you learn it, it's playful to zip around and stop when you wish to.

Despite all the reports and incidents, these electric scooters are still trending, and that's the reason a person should know above provided details in order to buy a genuine and safe hoverboard.
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