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What and Where to Eat in Iceland

For all travelers who want their summers to be spent in a place like heaven where all the beauty of nature is compiled in one picture, where rainbow touches the heaven every day, then Iceland is the perfect destination. How it feels when you spend a day in glaciers where the silent splash of water soothes your ears. Why not get lost in lush green lands, play with rainbow and sit with stars all around at night.

A place where basalt stone glitter like diamonds in sunlight, where beating creations of God always make your company. The high water fall springs refresh your breath making you feel more than this creation of nature should be called a heaven.

Start your journey with a car rental at Reykjavik airport, where it will take you and guide you wherever you want to move. A place where heaven touches the earth has a lot of must-eat dishes for all vegans and non-vegans, but make sure that you have a quite awesome budget in your pocket as food in Iceland is quite expensive compared to other expensive cities of the United States and Europe.

If you go to Iceland in winter, do not forget to taste hot dogs; they will taste like the best hot dogs in the world. These hot dogs are made of the blend of beef, pork, and lamb and all natural ingredients with toppings of fried onions, mustard, mayo, and few other things. You can get these Hot Dogs on gas stations but the best-recommended place isBæjarinsBeztuPylsur in Reykyavik.

For the fish lovers who want to eat fish and taste something different from fish and chips, fish in Iceland is a must-try dish. It tastes like just taken out of the water. The whole country loves to eat fresh fish. It is available almost in every restaurant, but the best recommend place is Kaffivagninn in Reykjavik. They serve the fish with three fried filets, different dipping sauces, a pile of fries, soup, side salad, a roll and unlimited hot coffee.

Though we taste different kinds of yogurts in our everyday life,skyr yogurt, which became famous in the markets of United States not long ago, is a low-fat cultured dairy product that originates from Iceland. It is made by local farmers using skim milk and cheese. Taste it once you will forget the remaining yogurts.

Iceland is the best place to taste soups with meat. Nothing beats the taste of soups made locally with all natural ingredients like root vegetables, meat and different herbs. It is just a divine meal.

People who have craving for bread must eat the dark rye bread in Iceland. It is baked by local farmers, they bury it in a pot near a hot spring which tastes awesome with fresh butter and cheese. Usually it is served as a side dish with soups and fish. This bread is available in grocery stores.

Specifically, for the vegetarians who want to try something new, the best recommended tasty and delicious vegan food to tryis Tofu noodles, baked cheese lasagna, and many other food items in Kaffi Vinyl. It is the first vegan restaurant in Iceland.

Iceland is a heaven on earth with all nature painted in one canvas, no one can explain it in words, only one can feel the beauty and capture the moments forever. It seems like a mini world that is full of breathtaking beauty everywhere.
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