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What makes 9apps the best Android App Store?

According to recent reports, users are moving towards mobile phone. Google too confirms that more searches happen on Android devices including mobile phones and tablets. There is a shift from browsing on desktops and PCs to browsing on gadgets. Analyzing this we understand that the world is turning more ‘mobile-centric.’ Apps are crucial to the success of any operating system. No other operating system has as many apps as Android. Along with apps, app stores also arise. Here we discuss what makes 9apps the best Android App Store.

The rise of mobile phones paved the way for the growth of Android. Currently, this is the most used mobile operating system across the globe. Experts predict that it is very unlikely that the popularity of Android fall. Though there are companies which develop apps for iOs first, they all develop the Android version at the earliest. Hence there is more chance for Android app stores to thrive in the coming days.

Advantages of 9Apps
No Regional Restrictions

Regional restriction of apps is one of the major demerits of Google Play Store. It restricts some apps to be served in some countries or restrict the apps to be available only in some countries. This makes users in the restricted area unhappy as they have no option to access the app. Their worry goes higher especially when the app is very popular.

The regional restriction imposed by Pokemon Go can be considered as a good example of regional restriction. The app was not available in the Asian countries including India. At 9Apps, users can download any app from anywhere around the world.

No Premium Apps

All apps and users are treated equally. The 9Apps store does not feature any app that is 'premium' in nature. Each of the apps is offered free of cost. Users will need no money to spend for enjoying any app of their interest.

Featured Apps and Editor’s Choice

The best of apps and most popular apps are listed under ‘featured apps’ section. This makes it easy for the user to find out the best of apps. You can download them with a single click.

No Advertisements

Advertisements remain the major source of income for any developer and app publisher. But sometimes, it becomes annoying to the users that they are shown many ads in a single stretch. While using 9Apps, you won’t see any ads and that is good for you as a user.

Safety at its best

Cent percent safety to the users is the policy 9Apps holds. The company makes all necessary steps to secure the safety of their users. You can use the store without any kind of fear as no malicious apps or malware will be found on the store.

These features and advantages give an upper hand to 9Apps android store. These features also make it a better one compared to all other app stores.
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