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Brief Insight about the Mechanical Perforator

A mechanical tubing punch powered by an optimized propellant capsule which can be functioned via slackline or electric line.When the work over jobs required a single hole to be punched in "soft?? Tubing using traditional methods, high failure rates and inherent delays in mobilizing explosives often severely compromised job economics.This paper presents several case histories in which a new slickline-deployed electro-mechanical tubing punch was used for the first time worldwide. Although the work over requirements in each well were different, and the jobs were conducted in both onshore and offshore environments, all required a single hole to be drilled. The case histories will discuss the advantages provided to the operator through use of the new electro-mechanical tubing punch.

The new method was 100% successful and resolved the problems experienced with all previously used conventional mechanical perforating methods. Although run in highly corrosive downhole conditions, the perforating tool had 100% success in perforating the "soft? A thorough follow-up inspection of the tool showed that it had sustained no damage of any kind. Deployed into the well by conventional means, the perforator punch requires no explosives, eliminating the possibility of perforating the casing. The mechanical perforator is designed to cut the tubing wall using purely mechanical forces, enabling communication between tubing and annulus without using explosives.

Equipment designed to manipulate well production. Flow control equipment can be integral to the tubing or casing. Flow control equipment can also be run, retrieved or manipulated by wireline. There are numerous manufactures, designs and sizes of flow control equipment. We have an extensive on the shelf selection available of plugs, chokes and wireline tools required for removal, installation and flow control manipulation. The upward jarring ability allows for tool release from a fish by shearing a shear pin. If the fish cannot be jarred free, the fish is left baited for other retrieval options. If you want to know about Perforator information, you can visit our official website. You will get the complete information about the use of perforation from us. 

Slickline perforating is most commonly done on tubing and can be performed either mechanically or with a propellant charge. Mechanical perforators cut a hole in tubing wall. Neither, mechanical or explosive perforators leave debris on the back side to cause problems when pulling packers, anchors etc. that can lead to, tool or casing damage. Our explosive perforators have many uses, such as punching holes to circulate and kill a well, draining tubing, lifting water from low-pressure gas wells, circulating out sand or mud, opening zones, and operating plunger lift installations. Our perforators do not burn holes, but punch a clean, round hole of specified diameter.

We offer technical assistance weather its designing completions or optimizing existing productions wells. We have experienced team can offer up cost efficient solutions that save time and money on the back side. We have a strong relationships with other services and vendors are an added benefit when sourcing tools, equipment, design and manufacturing.
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