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How Borrowing Money Can Ruin Friendships?

If we borrow money to our neighbors, it is because we mostly know their financial problem and the chance to get the borrowed money back are higher. Of course, sometimes we do not estimate well. Some people are guided by this: "Who will if anyone does want to borrow or lend (to borrow, forgive)?" But there can be a trap. It is mostly uncomfortable for the people to refuse to lend even when that is their decision, so they borrow against their will. In order not to fall into any "trap" in borrowing money, this act should be understood in any business situation. But spray foam works toronto will tell you what the right approach to this situation is.
We laugh at some people who sign contracts even with their children, and then we experience problem when the same things happen to us and a neighbor or some relative does not answer on the phone since we borrowed them money. And then regardless of whether we want it or not, the relationship will eventually come to an end while we remain with a bitter taste in our mouth and an unspoken question of how it is possible for a friendship to end because of a banal thing such as money. Lending money is not a banal situation, and relations are interrupted due to inconvenience, expectations and at the end - the non-acceptance of reality. A person without self-confidence will not have the strength to initially say that they do not want to borrow money, but will agree and find a reason because it is less embarrassing than telling the truth directly.

People who have already borrowed money and the other side and do not return them, they usually think: "He knows that he needs to give them back, why should I remind him?" "If I ask him to bring me back my money, he will not hang out with me anymore" , "I'm embarrassed to ask". The result is usually a silent distancing away from the other person: we hear less from them, we do not talk about it anymore so that it would not be unpleasant to anyone. We often hurt another person for not giving their money back, and then the biggest mistake that we make is tell other people about it and spread a gossip. Then, they will hear about it from someone else and the friendship will come to an end.

Even when we do not talk about it, we cannot control our own thoughts. And then we cannot help but ask ourselves some questions: Howdoes she get such a beautiful new dress, and she does not want to give me my money back? Why didn’t he give up the cigarettes to repay the debt? Does he think that my money is falling from the sky? In order to avoid situations like this, you should stop borrowing money to people around you.
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