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How to Become an Authorized Distributor?

First, you have to understand what authorized distributor means. Distributors are the main link between the customers and manufacturers. We can call them also providers of services. You can think of them as a sales force. Even though there is confusion on what are differences between distributors, resellers, dealers, and wholesalers, we decided to present you all relevant information.

·         Wholesalers are people who buy the product from the manufacturers.

·         Distributors are here to sell that product. Wholesalers are here to deliver that product to distributors. Distributors can also sell to retailers, so that retailer could sell it to the customer.

·         The retailer is called reseller or dealer. Every dealer must meet requirements from the service provider, manufacturer and to have the possibility to represent their products.

·         You can easily become a distributor; however, the level of your success depends on distributorship and the specific company that you want to represent.

How to become a distributor?

1.       First, you have to find the exact type of product that you want to represent. In case that you have already established a business, find the way to combine the nature of the product with your current business. There are distributorships for almost every product that you can think of – from designer handbags to medical products and books.

2.       The next step is to research the company that offers the kind of product that you want to sell and represents. When you find the appropriate one, you have to offer distributorship. There are certain requirements that you have to pass because some companies will accept almost everyone, while others require major scale capabilities, inventory quantities, access to substantial funding, solid credit and great business history. It could also depend on the geographical factor.

3.       It is important to review your own experience and credential so that it could match to requirements of the company that you wish to represent. It is always better to show resume also because that will make more professional. In case that you have public storage Seattle, state that because it is always a plus for small business to have the security measures.

4.       Remove all inaccuracies and issues on your business and personal credit reports. You must have a good credit, which means that you are paying your debt frequently and in case that you have some issues, try to improve it as much as you can.

5.       Your bank account must have relevant money that you need in order to finish the business that you have started. That is the reason you should accumulate cash that you have before you apply. Some companies will require minimum liquid assets, which means that more money on your account the better.


Distribution will always be popular; you just have to find the niche and product that you want to represent. In case that you have just begun with your business, we advise you to slow down and to make it into a successful and profitable business for minimum two years before you send distribution offer to a bigger company.
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