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Some Freight Shipping Tips Every Shipper Should Know

If your business involves sending shipments within or outside of your local area, you will have to think of partnering with an experienced and reliable freight shipping company. Many companies now claim to handle freight, but not all of them are alike. You need to pay attention to so many things when selecting a company.

However, even when you have made your choice, it is important to remember few tips to make freight shipping work for you. Here is what to bear in mind when setting up a shipment:

  • Always provide your shipper with accurate freight info.  For starters, be very clear about the dimensions of the shipment, which includes its width, length, and height. Keep in mind that dimensions should be rounded to the next inch. It helps because freight carriers use these dimensions to determine the number of individual loads while transportation. Not providing correct information would compel your carrier to make last-minute adjustments, which could be costly and increase the risk of damaging your shipment.
  • Be sure to provide your carrier with correct weight of your shipment. You have to bear in mind that very heavy shipments or oversized items are going to cost you more because they need extra space due to their shape, size, or weight. Correct information would again help you find more affordable options and make it easier for your carrier to select the best transportation option for your shipment.
  • Understand the importance of proper packaging to protect your shipments. Be sure to take your time to package your freight carefully. You will be better off palletizing your freight shipments to save time and money. Be sure to ask your carrier about what options they have available for shipments too big to be packaged properly.
  • Be sure to educate yourself a bit about the carrier you are using as well as the requirements of shipment locations. Keep in mind that most carriers are going to pick up and deliver shipments from/to loading docks, so you have to be very clear about your destination. You may want to talk to a customer service representative and discuss any confusion you may have regarding shipment locations.
  • Be sure to know when you may want to avoid making a shipment. Some companies charge you more depending on what time of week or day you select to book your shipment. Check a few quotes before finalizing a decision. Moreover, you need to ask them about delivery schedules, especially when you want to schedule time-critical shipments.
There are many other things to remember when you schedule a shipment, but keeping these basic points in mind will save you from dealing with serious trouble later. Be sure to take your time to conduct some research about the best freight shipping company in your area. Check some reviews, ask for referrals, and compare them for their rates before finalizing a decision. This is how you can find a good shipping company that is affordable and willing to help you through every phase of booking and delivery.
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