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TheOneSpy Review: The Computer & Cell Phone Monitoring Software

The modern technology has brought plenty of unbelievable inventions over the years and mobile and computer monitoring software is one of them. The Mobile and computer spy apps empower users to track the activities performed by the target users.

The application allows user to monitor the MAC devices and as well as the android and black barriers operating the system. Moreover, the cell phone and computer tracking program has the variety of packages and subscriptions relatively chosen OS and chosen features.

Computer & cell phone spy app features

The surveillance app makes capable to a user to track and operate the smartphone and computer machine without having the physical access. When a user successfully installs the tracking software, it can be the command with the help of a dashboard which is actually an online account. Further, you can take a look on the following mentioned robust features of the mobile &computer spy software

Surveillance on SMS, MMS, and IM

The text messages, shard multimedia such as photos and videos, voice messages, imessages and chat conversations either one-on-one or in groups, all of them can be tracked within a little time. On the other hand, messages and contact details can be viewed of the sender and receiver.

Calls Tracker

The phone calls of the target user can also be recorded and listened and catch out easily. The complete detail of the call logs VOIP calls both it is incoming and outgoing and missed calls, contact number of the caller and as well as the receiver along with the complete time schedule.

GPS location Tracker

It has the power to enable a user to track he exact and current location of the target and user can mark safe and restricted boundaries for the target. The application will notify the user that the target is either going in prohibited area or safe area.

Email Tracking

The user can get their eyes on all sent and received emails through Gmail account, a user can also come to know the email address of the sender and recipient. The mobile &Mac spy software is the best tool for tracking email account by monitoring all the keystrokes applied.

Monitor All IM’s 

The modern world’s instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp, Line, Vine, Viber and others alike are very popular among the people all across the globe. Most of the communication has migrated on these messengers rather than just making calls on the phone, text messaging and another form of communication. Now user can track all trendy IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, shared media files and voice messages.

Filter websites & internet surfing

Mac tracking app enables a user to get to know that the exact time and frequency of visited websites on the target cell phone or computer. In-case a target user has visited in appropriate content through plenty of websites, monitoring software user can block those visited websites, just need to put the URL of a website in the filter or putting keywords would be enough.

Phone & computer Bugging

The computer and mobile tracking app programming provide a user an immunity to listen and record the surrounding sounds through Mic Bug from 1 min to 45. Moreover, it is capable of making short videos through a front camera of the target device with the help of spyvidcam. Further, a user can get images and photos of the surroundings through back and front camera.


The computer and Mobile spy software is the only tool of its kind which is feasible for parenting, for employers and for spouses. It is an ultimate and reliable tool within the reasonable price.  
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