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Things to Do on a Trip to Hyderabad

Incredible India is shelter to several amazing places for visitors around the world, and Hyderabad is surely one of the nation’s most attractive tourist spots! With numerous spots to acknowledge and experience, it’s crucial to recognize what to exclusively make time for. Join us today as we take a glance at the very best places to explore in Hyderabad. It’s an amazing city filled with friendly people, exotic sights, and delicious cuisines and shops.

Taking a trip to Hyderabad can be a stimulatingjourney, as some of the flights from around the planet go directly into the city; most of them route through other prime Indian cities such as New Delhi or Bombay. You can book cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Hyderabad on Yatra or anywhere else! Once you land in this gorgeous city, you can be amazingly overwhelmed, like the sounds, sights and smells all around are nothing like you have ever acknowledged or experienced before. But visiting this place is completely worth it. The city of Hyderabad is surely one of the most special travel spots all over the world.

One of the most surprisingelements about Hyderabad is the beautiful palaces present throughout the city, heritage remnants of a long-time past. From the Taj Falaknuma Palace to the Chowmahalla Palace to the Birla Mandir and more, there are many architectural classics stretched throughout the city and the surrounding area. If not all, most are tourist-friendly and will take you back in ancient time, to the moments of the rajas as your envelope yourself in the beautiful tradition of India. Make sure you explorethese stunning palaces; you will surely not regret it.

Take A Trip to World Famous Charminar

Translated as “Four minarets”, Charminar was constructed in 1591 as a mosque. Today it is the masterpiece that comes to every traveller's mind when you think of Hyderabad. To the western side of Charminar lies Laad Bazaar, which is one of the appealing marketplaces for bangles of all forms. This amazing architecture is now under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Experience a movie shoot at Ramoji Film City

In India, Ramoji Film City is the largest unified film city. Catch a trip to experience the atmosphere around the film city to what it is eventually like. Experience scenes behind of regular budget or blockbuster movies. You might find yourself lucky to catch a hero in full flow! There are some packages accessible for you to select from, whether you desire to spend the whole day or half a day, here. There are also several fabulous restaurants here, providing enticing cuisine and there is a beautiful bird park to keep the kids engaged, among other exercises.

A Visit to Nehru Zoological Park

Since all kids like to visit a zoo, this is surely a fun-filled activity for children. In Hyderabad, Nehru Zoological Park is one of the most beloved tourist destinations for tourists as well as the locals. The zoo consists of a lot of endemic animals like the Indian rhino, Asiatic lion, panther, Bengal tiger, python, slender loris, Indian elephant as well as various other animals such as deer, antelopes, and birds. There is an after dark segment in the zoo as well, which has barn owls, fruit bats, fishing owls, and hedgehogs, to name a few creatures.

Take Glimpse Of beautiful Golconda Fort

The name Golconda exclusively refers to a circle shaped hill, and it is a fort and citadel, placed in Hyderabad. This siteis recognized for its diamond mines, from which the planet’s most beloved gems such as the Hope Diamond, the Nassak Diamond, and the Koh-i-Noorwere found.

Fly off to Hyderabad to experience and acknowledge these pristine and heritage architectures. You can book flight tickets from Mumbai to Hyderabad on Yatraor to any other location at vying rates.
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