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All that you need to know about your Kerala tour

Kerala is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the country. In fact people from all over the country come to visit this place in order to explore a beauty that has no parallel in the world. May it be with your family, friends or even your special one, Kerala has something for every tourist- a beautiful memory that you will always cherish.

Kerala is quite a large state to cover in one go. But still if you do want to explore Kerala at one go you will need around 2 weeks in hand and you can Book Kerala Holiday Packages at Best Rates in order to get rid of the hassle of planning. The tour packages will do the planning for you, so that you can relax and enjoy the beauty called Kerala.
Starting point of most tours

Most of the tours that you opt for when visiting Kerala, your starting point will always be Kochi. This is the most frequented place in Kerala, both for tourist as well as business purposes. This city has a lovely heritage too that goes a long time back and it is not just a starting point but one of the places in Kerala that needs to be explored with great care.

Places that you should consider visiting when on a Kerala tour

 If you have never been to Kerala before, then you probably do not have much idea about the various places that you can visit here. Well, Kerala is famous for its backwaters and that is exactly what people flock to see and enjoy. When it comes to exploring the backwaters of Kerala, the best place that you have to visit is Alleppey. Alleppey’s backwaters are the most famous attraction of Kerala. You can enjoy a stay here in the houseboats and you can also have fun in visiting the local places of interest.

Another place that you should visit during your Kerala tour is Munnar. This is a hill station in Kerala, which is known for the organic tea that is grown here. Rolling hill slopes covered with green is what characterizes this hill station.

A few other places of interest to cover when opting for Amazing Kerala Tour Packages are Kumarakom and Wayanad. While the former is famous for the ideal natural setting that it offers in the heart of Kerala, Wayanad is famous for hiking routes and its wildlife. You can also include Alappuzha and Kovalam in your tour, to complete your visit to Kerala.
When is the perfect time to visit?

The ideal time to visit Kerala would be from the months of October till about February. Kerala has a charm of its own during the monsoon months and hence you can visit this place during this time of the year too. Summers are a bit humid and hence not a good option for tourists. If you do plan the trip during the winter months make sure that you get all reservations and bookings done well beforehand.
These are some basic details that you need to keep in mind about your Kerala tour that will help you to plan your trip.
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