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Look out for wise points before seeking the final broker choice and make great long term investments

For those having extra funds and the capacity to take risk can invest their money in the shares and mutual funds, etc. These investment decisions though seems tough and challenging at times, can be made easy and comfortable if the right advisor is there in your hands. Therefore, the crucial decision lies in selecting a good broker for the trading business.

With the advent of internet, the trading has become easy and simple as compared to earlier times. Nowadays there are a number of companies offering their tail end brokerage services, but it is very difficult to decide as to which one is the best for you.

Therefore, the entire question lies in selecting the best stock broker in India. Every one of us wants to join the party and make money in the trading of shares and stocks, etc. Being an investor the first and foremost thing that is to be checked is that the broker so selected is registered on the SEBI guidelines or the stock exchange guidelines. Later there are five main important points which needs to be kept in mind while choosing the broker for further investments like-

  • Broker’s background- The first thing that is needed to be checked is the credentials of the broker. Scanning the pending customer complaints about the broker can help in making a proper judgement. Doing a thorough research about the broker at the starting will offer details about his work background.
  • Customer service- Relying on a broker means you are depending on a person as to your investment of funds. The broker must be a reliable one offering proper guidance and service at the times of need. Not that once the account is opened with the broker they are vanished like anything from the thin air.
  • Quality advice-The investment success is totally impacted via the quality of advice you get. Therefore, a broker must be the one that guides you in the right lines of your goals and the right risk appetite so possessed. He should be the one that possesses some adequate manpower, prompt customer support and an infrastructure in order to effectively disseminate vital, market related information timely.
  • Geographical or offline presence- Meeting the stock broker personally gives a positive vibeand an understanding of the market portfolio.

In terms of customer service, the views largely depend on the personal experience of the traders and investors. There is no perfect broker in the Indian market as the stock market is itself very fluctuating. So the way to choose is to simply list down the requirements and do some online research to prepare a list of brokers which suits you.

Always go with less brokerage, better customer service, high leverage & robust trading platforms as they are the key factors to keep in mind while choosing a stock broker.Any wrong judgment may lead to wastage of funds and time so spent in making investments. Hence, seek advice and always make wise decisions depending upon the overall need and requirement.

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