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Popular low-cost airline in Singapore

Travelling is a passion for every human being. Not only in Singapore but also all the people around the world who love to travel to different destinations around the world. To travel to different destinations around the world the first thing which comes to mind is the cost of travelling. If the travelling is done on airways then the budget requirement for this is quite high in Singapore. That is the reason why travelling through the air has become monetary thorns to both corporate professionals and travelling enthusiasts in the world. So for that, there is some low cost budgeted airline present in Singapore to solve this problem.

JetStar Asia:-

In the year 2nd, July 2012 the Jetstar Asia was launched by Barathan Pasupathi in Singapore. Currently, its services are extended to 28 destinations around the world. Its main aim is that to provide best in class services at an affordable budget to its customers. That is the reason why it has become one of the most affordable and popular airlines in Singapore to cater timely services to its target customers every time and meets their expectations the entire time. It s air port hub is located at Singapore Changi airport.  


In the year 20th December 1993, Air Asia was established. Without including its subsidiaries it travels around 74 destinations around the world. The fares of Air Asia are quite less compared to other airlines. This old air line company has become so popular over the years that it has created a TOMA effect in the minds of its target audience. So now to travel in budget Singaporeans can collect Air Asia Singapore contact number to reach their desired destinations on time. Its services are also good enough to satisfy the needs of its travellers. If you are calling from Hong Kong then Air Asia Singapore Contact Number is +852 3013 5060. The number is active from 8 AM to 9 PM (GMT+8) from Monday to Sunday.


Scoot is considered to be the fastest growing contenders in the airlines in Singapore. It also is known to have provided promo fares and affordable budget fares to its travellers in Singapore. In 1st November 2011, it was established in Singapore. Currently, it travels around 60 Destinations around the world. Its hub is located in Singapore Changi air port. It is also considered as the most popular growing and affordable airline in Singapore to satisfy the needs of its travellers. That is the reason why most of the people prefer to travels in this flight to reach their desired destinations.

In the scenario of the great world recession. In Singapore, these airlines have proved to be the most affordable ones for the business professional, corporates and travelling enthusiasts to avail budget able airline services in Singapore. In spite of so many airlines Air Asia has proved to be the most affordable airline industry in Singapore. Affordability and quality of services drive the People to avail the airline services. That is the sole reason why people have turned down their expensive travelling budget to a cheaper one in Singapore. 
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