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The Evolution of the Chef’s Uniform

When it comes to your job,as with many things in society, first impressions count. And nothing is more important than the clothes you wear. The chef’s uniform is essential when it comes to cooks looking professional, there’s no denying who that person is in the whites with the fancy hat. It gives you a feeling of authority and respect from staff and customers.

But the chef’s uniform has come a long way from it’s not-so-humble beginnings. Let’s take a look at exactly how far:

A Royal Cook

In the 14th century and onwards certain soldiers were chosen to become the cooks for the army. These low-ranked recruits would be escorted byknights into castles in which they would be required to prepare extravagant feasts for the king and noblemen of the land. As the cooks were also soldiers and could be called into battle at the spur of a moment, they wore double-breasted jackets, which is how the current chef jacket was born. Luckily today the greatest threat a chef has is an unpleased food critic.

Clean and Professional

The iconic colour of white is said to be the work of the French chef Marie-Antoine Caremewho said that white shows the cleanliness and professionalism of a chef in their kitchen.She also went
on to introduce the tall chef’s hat which was originally meant to help the other cooks easily identify the head chef in a crowd.

If you ever find yourself in a professional kitchen you will no doubt feel the presence of order and authority – also implemented by the French. This is no coincidence as it is inspired by a military background which promoted hierarchy and responsibility.

The Modern Style

These days there really aren’t any rules when it comes to what a chef wearsin the kitchen, there are some basics for comfort and protection but the uniform has truly become an expression of the chef’s personal style of cooking. Chef Works stocks all the latest fashions to keep you looking on-trend in the kitchen. Chef whites are still a popular choice, there are many colors, styles and variations to keep things interesting.

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