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Why choose a metal home over a traditional home

Having a home which can create memories with you is something everyone hopes for. Aligning engineering with aesthetics today is not about just building a shelter, but having super strong durability, budget friendly and almost zero maintenance homes. This is where a metal home supersedes traditional wooden houses.  

Today, steel houses have seen much technological advances when they were first introduced in 1880, in Chicago. Not only the maintenance quotient but how you become less worried over your economics, metal homes have been gaining popularity ever since the mid 90s.
Opting for a metal home thus, is a smarter choice. Because-

1.        They are easier to build. Unlike the conventional homes, metal houses save time and effort as they don’t require many subcontractors for roofing, flooring or masonry separately. A well laid plan with an engineered durable concrete base and your abode is ready in few weeks. No fuss here!

2.        They do not host animals/insects and are weather proof. Being resistant to wind (up to 150 miles per hour) and other such natural calamities, metal houses can be a perfect example of modernity with a traditional touch, such as a ‘barndominium’. A barndominium expels rats, household pets and other such creatures that ruin your home, adding to huge maintenance costs annually.

3.        They are energy efficient. You can save 40% on your energy savings when you build a metal house. The steel frames built within, provides more room for insulation (spray foam for example), despite having a high thermal energy transfer rate. Warmer in winters and cooler in summers. What more you can ask for!

4.        They can withstand high seismic zones. Metal homes can remain standing in adverse conditions of an earthquake etc. They can even bear seismic 4 zone underground waves. Saved again!

5.        Their exteriors are changeable. Whether it’s adding wood veeners, brick facade, vinyl sidings, accessories, a garage, porch, you can have add-on kits to change the appearance of your home or build a new one entirely. Additionally, you can make it look like a traditional home too, when custom designing it.

6.        They are eco-friendly. Surprised? The metal material used in building a metal home is mostly recycled steel, hence more people opting it for making their ‘pole-barns’, to contribute to the environment.

7.        They are comparatively durable. Coated with a primer and galvanized (some companies provide more advanced solutions) to prevent rusting, this one is a no-brainer.

8.        They are smooth to maintain. Just make sure that the moisture content is under control and have rust free solutions beforehand, maintenance cost is very minimal.

9.        They come in all sizes and shapes. You can custom design your home, barn, garage, recreational building, agricultural buildings, horse arenas, cabins etc. A ‘straight building’ or a ‘quonset’ one, you can choose your lot accordingly.

10.    They are super economical. As low as 10$-25$ to 50$-60$ per square foot, there is no burden of investing much initially. Also, its resale value increases when you want to sell your metal home. Metal modular homes being non combustible, also helps lower your insurance costs. 

The trend is going to rise with more people following suit.
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