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5 ways husbands need to more supportive and caring during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and it has to be undertaken by both. Agreed that only the woman is the one who is bearing the baby but that definitely doesn’t mean that she has to bear all the responsibilities too. Some of the responsibilities need to be shouldered by the husbands as well.

There is a general notion in our country that has been running over decades now. Women are supposed to be the strong ones who act as a home-maker and tirelessly take care of their family in every situation. It is always expected from them to keep their family’s wishes before their own. But, over the few years, the mentality has changed quite a lot and now men take equal responsibility when it comes to things such as running the house or shouldering family responsibility.

Similarly, men need to be supportive during their wife’s pregnancy too because women are very vulnerable in that time, be it physically or emotionally or mentally. But for that men really need to understand the importance and effect of pregnancy on their wives. For this very purpose i would like to suggest pregnant couples to watch step by step baby growth during pregnancy video.

Watching such videos together will not only explain the process more clearly but also will bring out certain topics of discussions that are needed with a couple. Also, take care of these few things:
  • Don’t expect her to be the same because right now her body is different because of all the hormonal discharge which leads to huge mood swings.
  • Let her rest because her body needs extra rest and sleep. In such a time getting easily exhausted or feeling less energetic is very common.
  • Understand her food cravings and aversions because there may be a change in it. Pregnancy leads to a strange diet pattern.
  • Listen to her; take extra care of her because she is going through a very delicate phase, both physically and emotionally.
  • Attend her doctors’ appointments or at least ask about them.
Also, take care that she doesn’t have any other sort of infection or disorder. During pregnancy certain neurological disorders, or heartburn or respiratory issues tend to come up. While the percentage of women to go through something like this during pregnancy is very rare but still to make sure do go on regular checkups and if there is any sort of change in eating or sleeping habits, one must consult the obstetrician.

Any sort of medications be it respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy or any other disorder has to be prescribed by the concerned doctor. Do not make the mistake of self medication as it would be very harmful.

Also, in case your wife has any sort of disorder before the pregnancy itself, then do consult the doctor and do not continue the same old medicines that were prescribed by the physician. The course of medications could vary because of the pregnancy. Take utmost care of your baby and your wife.
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