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Care and Nurture of your Commercial Ice Machine

A commercial ice machine is generally one of the toughest working pieces of equipment in your bar or restaurant. There are a few simple care and nurture processes you can do to get the most out of your commercial ice machine and safeguard your investment.

Water filters are more essential to making larger the life of your machine. A water filter will keep away or lessen the amount of deposit and minerals from the water, keeping the ice clean and clear, it will keep away smells and bad taste. Some manufacturers may even carry on assurance for ice machines that have a filter on their water line. Working water filters will also ease up scale growth which lessens ice production.
Some commercial ice machine manufacturers like Hoshizaki at Whites Warehouse have begun making machines that have disinfectant portable antibacterial protection filters integrated to safeguard the constituents from dust, dirt, grease or flour. These filters and designs help to impede the development of mud and mould for the life of the machine. Mud and mould not only taste worse but are a health risk for anyone drinking the water.

Cleaning an ice machine and keeping it free of mud, mould, dust, or other growth is amazingly notable. You should also have a committed ice scoop that only comes in contact with the ice in the machine. Recently developed health rule has different needs for places, size, material, and cleanliness of ice scoops. This will help keep your ice container clean and free of any remainder.

If you alter your water filter on a daily basis and disburse in an anti bacterial agent you are well on your way to expand the life and show of your ice machine. Your ice machine should be evacuated and fully cleaned every six months. You can clean your ice machine with a nickel-safe scale remover and an ice machine cleaner.

By taking the time every six months to clean your machine and alter water filters and disinfectant devices, you can very much increase the life and production and power usage of your commercial ice machine. These obstructive outlines will not only intensify the experience of your customers but daily nurturing will also guarantee the terms of your warranty in the dubious chance something happens.

Use carefulness when handling ice machine cleaning and hygiene solutions. They frequently contain powerful chemicals like citric and phosphoric acid to stop working lime scale and ruin pathogens, so they are also dangerous to the skin and eyes. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. A rubber apron can also come in convenient to safeguard your clothes.

Most cleaners come in a highly-vigorous form, and they must be weakened with water before used in the machine. Failure to do so can destruct the components of the machine. Using the incorrect chemical or failing to mix it properly can also empty the manufacturer’s warranty. The exterior of your machine should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a gentle remover whenever you feel it’s suitable.
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