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Conrad Gallagher shares tips on how to run a successful bar

Running a bar is one of the hardest jobs you can do, no matter what television shows tells you. It is certainly not about being cool all the time and high-fiving the regulars. It’s a tough job and something that could take a lot out of you.

Staying well-stocked is the key to a good time, says Conrad Gallagher

If a night is as busy as it gets and you run out of drinks, then that is going to be a nightmare for any bar owner. So keep your premises well-stocked. However, well-stocked does not mean that you just buy some bottles of alcohol. It means keeping track of which week nights are the busiest, which times of the year result in the highest footfalls and which items sell the best. When you keep track of your inventory, you will be better able to meet the demands. Don’t forget the equipment, suggest Conrad Gallagher. Having the right size of equipment matters. So take time out to choose the right back bar refrigerator for your alcohol and also the right drinkware including glasses and containers for your guests. Garnishes are a must in every good bar and you can buy them in bulk!

Pour levels

Jiggers and measured pourers are things you can’t do without in your bar and they are a great way to control costs. They should be used regularly to make sure that mixed drinks are consistent. Jiggers work very well when you have a new bartender because it makes her able to pour amounts that are consistent. Measured liquid pourers also prevent spillage which can be an issue to deal with regularly if you are operating a bar.

Signature drinks are important

According to Conrad Gallagher , it is a good idea to let your establishment be different from the rest and a great way of doing that is to have a theme that reiterates. If your bar is near a college campus, you must know that people will be looking for a casual atmosphere as well as cheap drinks. If it is a country club bar you are running, knowing that you have a rich clientele should make you stock up on high-end alcohol and keep a great wine list handy. Make sure that you stay on top of the drink trends and incorporate things into your bar that you know people are going to love.


Teaching the art of upselling to your staff is something that you have to do on a regular basis if you want to improve profits. There’s a serious art to it. For example, if you have a Happy Hour, make sure that your bar staff always asks the customers whether they want nachos or salsa to go with their drinks. Another great tactic is to indicate that a drink is available only for a limited time. This will help push up the sales and ring in the money.


Take your food seriously. Have a bar menu that patrons can easily see and order from. Most people like to eat something while drinking and your bar should not lack of it.
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