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Get Quality Lipstick in Malaysia at an affordable price

There re a lot of makeup products out on the market these days, particularly with lipsticks but of all the places where you can get a quality lipstick, one place you can not refuse to buy your cosmetics especially your lipstick is no where else than in Malaysia.

This is due to the fact that they have the finest range of lipsticks you can ever think of and which are of great quality. You can get all these quality range of lipsticks at a very cheap price. Due to this reason, don not hesitate to get lipstick in Malaysia so that you can enjoy a great deal of beauty.

However, there are a number of things you must take into serious consideration whenever you wish to buy quality lipstick in Malaysia.

Tips on buying a lipstick

  • Shelf life of the lipstick: whenever you are buying any lipstick of any kind and from anywhere, even in Malaysia, one most important thing that you should never forget to do is to look out or check for the shelf life of that lipstick, which simply means that you should check the date that it was manufactured and the date that it will expire. Mostly, the self life of a lot of lipsticks you may find on the market  have a shelf life of about 3 years but most suppliers sometime sell them when they have about either 2 or 1 years to expire or even sometime six months to the expiring date. Therefore, you should try and check to be sure if you are purchasing a fresh lipstick.
  • Try them on before buying: most people often get attracted to just a few colors or shades of a lipstick that does not even match their skin complexion or in other words that do not conform to their skin tone. Therefore, it has become very important that before you buy any lipstick; try a number of colors or shades on your hand to see the very color or shade that will best suit your skin tone or complexion in order to give you an appealing appearance.
  • Choose the correct Color or Shade: since you must buy your lipstick based on the your skin complexion, it is very important to know the kinds of shades to choose that will be a perfect and correct match for you. You should bear it in mind that when you wear a lipstick that has deeper shades, it makes your lips appear smaller while the bright colored lipstick causes your lips to appear bigger. In addition to that, you should also bear in mind that people with fair skins can put on a soft mocha shade lipstick whereas those with partially fair skins can also wear a lipstick with pale pink or peach shade.

Avoid Non-transferable lipstick: Lipsticks that claim to be non-transferable tends to dry out the lips very fast and easily.  Therefore, if you want to avoid your lips having to dry up easily and fast then you have to do all you can to stay away from non-transferable lipsticks. But if you still wish to wear this kind of lipstick, you should check out if it has a hydrating property or it does not have. Due to this fact, you must wear a correct lipstick that will always cause your lips to be moisturized and always keep them in good condition.
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