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Great Ibiza: Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Island

To date, Ibiza is a serious competitor for the Canary Islands. If anyone does not know, Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean that is part of the Balearic archipelago and the property of Spain. Why does so many people around the world choose this particular island for relax? Everything is quite clear – Ibiza is universal. You do not have to travel from one settlement to another to visit something – on this island in a comfortable vicinity there is everything you need.
Let's look at the top 5 reasons to visit the magnificent island of Ibiza:
The opportunity to gain invaluable experience on seasonal work
Tired of work you hate? So why not to pack a suitcase full of dreams about Ibiza, and go there to spend time with benefit and pleasure? Maybe you'll hand out a flyer on the beach for a couple of euros an hour, and then dance at parties all night long. The work can be combined with rest on the beach and parties. Moreover, new acquaintances and insane memories are waiting for you there.
To relax on the popular Mediterranean beaches
Ibiza is not only nightclubs; the island boasts the best beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea. If you are staying in San Antonio, head for the white sandy beaches of CalaGracio, washed by clear blue waters. Hardened swimmers go to the coast of Punta Galera to admire the falling rocks and unusual stone plateaus. If you wander to the south of the island, head to Calad'Hort beach. From there, a wonderful view opens up to the small nearby mystical island of EsVedra.

To revel on the Free Party in Ibiza
It's no secret that Ibiza can be an expensive vacation spot. In the clubs of Ibiza, you can listen to the performance of the best DJs in the world for absolutely free. Especially popular on the island is techno music. In Playa d'enBossa there is the Beachouse club – a great place where you can start your "hunt" for celebrities.
Active rest
The entire coast of the island of Ibiza is marked by blue flags - a kind of "quality signs" of coastal waters and beaches. This creates excellent conditions for various water and beach sports: diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, yachting. Ibiza has a huge number of water sports schools, all of them are open from May to October.
In addition, Karting is a popular pastime on the island. The karting track is located on the road from Sant Antoni to Ibiza Town.

The presence of golf courses made Ibiza an attractive place for lovers of this sport. On the island there is a well-known golf club Club de Golf Ibiza located in the town of Roca Llisa.
Equestrian sport (horse riding) is another type of outdoor activity. On the island, there are a lot of "ranches" where you can rent horses – the CalaLlonga farm.
Creative Shopping
On the island of Ibiza, there is a huge assortment of shops specializing in club clothes and accessories, where you can often rent a club suit. Go shopping in the area of La Marina, where you can also buy products of folk craftsmen, clothes of leading designers. Sales in the shops of the island are in September. Authentic handmade products created by hippies can be bought at the so-called hippie markets - Punta Arabi and SantCarles.
To discover the island you need some transport. Choose car rental in Ibiza, but remember to read the rental conditions attentively.
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