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How to Prepare Roof Windows for winter?

Most of us already found our winter coats and gloves and some of us even went shopping for new ones to prepare for the upcoming winter, which keep us warm during these cold months. But few of us think of the fact that we can save energy by "dressing" our roof windows into a winter wardrobe during the cold winter season. Yes, you read that right. This is a thing and it should be done by every home owner who has roof windows.

It's a completely natural reflex: when we have to get out on the cold, we put on a jacket to heat us. If it's cold in the indoor area, we'll probably wear an extra sweater or we'll increase the heat. When the evenings are extremely cold in our homes it is mostly fresh and then it is very logical to increase the temperature on the thermostat.

But in fact, we better keep heat warm during the cold days and night by lowering the blinds. This applies, especially to roof windows - special thermal blinds that keep heat in the room thanks to the insulating material from which it is made.

It is a very good idea to install thermal blinds on roof windows - because of the aluminum between the two layers of collected material that improves the insulation. The warm air in the room is lifted, and if you lower the shutters they help maintain the temperature, so it will be more comfortable to spend time in the room when it's cold outside.

When it is completely lowered, thermal roller blind improves the insulation by 34% on each roof window. But there are still benefits of thermal blinds, in addition to energy savings - it also has a darkening effect and an attractive appearance, thanks to the structure of bee honeycomb. It is completely adjustable, not fixed either at the bottom or at the top of the window, it can be positioned in any position, blocking the sun's rays and curious views.

When you have an adjustable shutter, such as a thermal blind, you can sit and read the newspapers next to the window and enjoy the light without a dazzling sun. You can position the blind only where the sun's rays are the strongest.
So, now is the right time to prepare for the winter.

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