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Kimberley Dey Rides Horse to Contribute For the Betterment of the society

Horse riding has always been considered to be a form of recreation, a form of entertainment and a form of race; but Kimberley Dey has given a new meaning to this activity. She is a very busy business woman yet her love for horses has led her to organize tournaments for her horses. She also carries out her inclination towards horse riding and in fact uses it to collect money that she donates for the welfare of the underprivileged children in and around Hawaii.
She is the CEO of a company started by her father, known by the name of Charles B Wang International Foundation that works in collaboration with other organizations such as Special Olympics Hawaii, Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, etc. Her love for horses has further instigated her to arrange for scholarship programs wherein the winners are awarded so as to be able to take forward their love for the horses in something more concrete and worthwhile.

Horse riding apparently looks the same all the time, but would be surprising to know that there are various styles of horse riding. In the language of horse riding these are known as the various ‘disciplines’.  Purchasing or hiring a horse for riding is largely dependent on what kind of discipline you would select for yourself while riding. For those interested in horse riding like Kimberly Dey knowing these disciplines is very important so that you can enjoy your riding session with the horse.
The most commonly known disciplines are Saddle Seat, Dressage, Western and Hunt Seat, given below is brief information on each of the disciplines individually:
Saddle Seat- Despite being distinctively American this discipline is considered to be very English. This discipline prevails as the most popular one in South America where it is claimed to have originated. The horses that are most suited for this discipline for their supple “knee action” are American Saddlebreds, Racking horses and Tennessee Walking horses. In any competition of this discipline either the rider’s position or the movement of the horse is judged.
Dressage – This is one of the most primitive styles or disciplines in the entire world and is yet another English style. Initially employed for military maneuvers this discipline acquired its name from a French word meaning ‘training’. In this technique the rider maneuvers the horse’s movement very subtly by shifting his hands, legs or body weight.
Western- This is the style that is often seen in cowboy movies, and its origin can be traced to West America. This is both performed for show riding as well as those who herd the cattle. The American Quarter Horse is mostly used I this discipline
Hunt Seat – Having originated in the British sport of fox hunting, this discipline is by far the most popular all around the globe; this is most appealing to those who prefer a little jumping with the horse. There is thus no wonder that this style is used in competitions where the rider and the horse both are judged on the way they jump over fences and other obstacles along their course of run.
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