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Martin Lloyd Sanders- Discover The Charms Of South Carolina

If you visit South Carolina in the USA you will find that this popular region does not even have a big city. Charleston here is like a small town. This means you will be exposed to the charms of South Carolina the moment you come here. The region has a unique touch that is marked by palmetto trees, signature hospitality, wrought iron architecture, friendly people from Lowcountry to The Blue Ridge Mountains and the dangling moss. If you visit or even live here, you will find that the place is wonderful!

Martin Lloyd Sanders- discover the joys of South Carolina

Martin Lloyd Sanders is fond of photography and he travels a lot as well. He says that when it comes to South Carolina in the USA there is so much to see and do. If you are fond of barbecue, you must try out the South Carolina preparation. Moreover, you will also find people here eating a lot of shrimp, biscuits, blue crabs and grits. They are in fact added to the food that they eat daily. The hot sauce here is famous and almost everything is dabbed into it. The barbecue here has a mustard sauce and is famous for its lip-smacking taste.

Night life- not as good as Las Vegas or New York

The night life of South Carolina is not the same at Las Vegas or New York. Here, everyone needs to be at work early in the morning and so life is said to be laid back. Now, this does not mean that the place is boring. There are other attractions like the popular oyster roast night. This is one place that will help you make new friends and meet new people. For night outs, you can spend time at restaurants, pubs, taverns and bars. You may ask your friends to join you to have the locally made craft beer that is very popular here.

Safety and crime rates

When it comes to crime rates in South Carolina, you will find that it is slightly higher than expected however there are some places like Mount Pleasant, Northlake and Blythewood that are safe and have lower rates of crime. Like most places in the USA and the world, there are some places that the locals ask you to avoid when you are alone. Sole numbers do not depict the safety of an area and most places in South Carolina are safe for you to visit and live here as well.

Martin Lloyd Sanders says South Carolina is also home to the East Coast. The weather is typically coastal in nature and you will find extreme heat and cold at the same time. The humidity rates here are also high. There are some people who visit South Carolina and they feel that they will stay on the beach all day. However, this is not true. There are many things for you to do is South Carolina that you will enjoy. It is one of the best places to live and visit in the USA, he says!
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