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Preparation Tricks and Tips to ace your KEAM exam!

Worried about your upcoming KEAM exam? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The sole purpose of this article is to help aspirants qualify their KEAM examination with ease.
Often, we hear the phrase "Study smart" but a very few people actually know how to apply this? Here, we will be revealing how you can study smart for your KEAM exam and ace it!
Let's get started!
As we all know, KEAM is the short form for Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical exam.
There are generally three streams for which KEAM is conducted:
Engineering courses
For admission in Engineering courses, aspirants are tested in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Usually 11th and 12th standard topics are asked in the exam. 

There are two phases: Phase I (Mathematics) and Phase II (Physics and Chemistry).
Medical courses
NEET scores determine which candidates will be called for KEAM counselling.
Architectural courses
NATA scores determine which aspirants are eligible to seek admission through KEAM.
Engineering Entrance Test: Important Topics for KEAM Exam
KEAM Syllabus
Students preparing for KEAM should take note of the following topics:
Physics: Laws of motions, Work, energy and power, Motion of system of particles and rigid body rotation, Gravitation, Mechanics of solid and fluids, Waves. Heat and Thermodynamics.
Chemistry: States of matter, Atomic structure, P-block elements, S- block elements, Solutions, Thermodynamics, Surface chemistry and Stereochemistry.
Mathematics: Statistics and probability, Functions, Limits and continuity, Differential Equations, Complex Numbers, Sequences and Series, Trigonometric functions and Inverse Trigonometric functions.
KEAM Exam Pattern
The exam pattern for KEAM is as follows:
·         The exam has two papers, Paper I - Physics & Chemistry and Paper II - Mathematics.
·         The test will only have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
·         The total number of questions is 120 which required to be answered in 150 minutes.
·         For each correct answer, the candidates are awarded 4 marks.
·         For each wrong answer, a negative marking of 1 is deducted.         
Now that you are well aquatinted with the details about KEAM exam, read few tricks & tips to help you in your KEAM preparation.
KEAM Preparation tricks and tips
Preparing for any entrance test is hard work and effort. Preparing for KEAM also requires the same.
  • Know your syllabus well
The first step is to refer the syllabus thoroughly because time is of prime importance.
So, you have to make sure that you do not want to waste time on topics that are not even a part of the syllabus.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Exam pattern
Knowing your exam pattern will give you a clear idea on how to prepare for your exam. This in turn will help you plan your study sessions.
  • Clear all your basic concepts
Since, KEAM tests subjects of 11th and 12th standard, it is very important for students to have a good knowledge of the basics. It will help you to move smoothly through the questions which are undirectedly asked in the question paper.
Don't mug up. Mugging up will not take you far instead refer each topic and pay attention to each topic, by understanding them.
  • Time management
One of the main reasons why students fail to clear KEAM and even other entrance exams is because of poor time management.

They do not plan and allot time to sections wisely which leads them to waste way too much time in one section and not being able to finish the paper overall.
  • Don't attempt all questions
In KEAM Exam there is negative marking for every wrong answer, therefore, attempt the questions you are absolutely sure of it or you may lose marks unnecessarily.
  • Go through the previous year question papers
Many people underestimate the power of solving previous year question papers. If you do solve previous year papers, you will gain good grasp over how questions are asked, which chapter to pay more attention etc.
So, make sure you at least go through past five years question papers.
  • Practice tests
Taking practice tests is the best way to determine your preparation and finding your weakness be it time management or a chapter in a subject.
Take as many practice tests as possible. They also help to build up your confidence.
  • Don't Procrastinate
This is easier said than done, am I right students?
Every student at some point during preparing for their exams have procrastinated. Although it’s really hard not to, minimise your procrastination. Study for an hour, but do it with all your concentration to make the best of it!
  • Revision
During the last few days before exam, all you can do is revise. Revise all the chapters in all the subjects. Clear all your last-minute doubts.
  • Last minute preparation
This is over rated. It has been proven in studies that the night before exam, students who get a good night rest prepare better than those who don't.
So, stop worrying. Think you have done your part. Get a good 8 hours of sleep before the test!
We hope this information was useful. You should be consistent in your efforts. This will help you get through KEAM exam. Do your best!
Good luck!
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