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Understanding the Various Types of Wine Glasses from Bennett Kireker

When it comes to drinking wines, you will need to take a lot of things into consideration which include serving it in the right temperature, smelling it and then taking a sip. Another important thing that should also be considered is that the glass that you choose to drink wine as this can also make a variance. Bennett Kireker believes that selecting glasses made for particular types of wine can help enhance the aromas and flavors of wine.

Being a passionate wine lover, Bennett Kireker says that the wine glasses can be of various shapes and sizes such as:

  • Red wine glasses have broader bowls and shorter stems
  • White wine glasses have medium height and are slender with a long stem
  • Champagne flutes are usually used for serving sparkling wine and champagne and have slender, long bowls that allow the froths to rise
  • Stemless glasses are wine glasses that contain the bowl but come without a stem
  • Champagne saucers are short and stout glasses with a broad, shallow bowl
  • Bordeaux glasses are perfect wine glasses designed to hold both white and red wines
Passionate wine drinkers feel that the form of the glass should be coordinated to the kind of wine they drink as this enhance the best characteristics of the wine which include aromas, flavors, and temperature.

White wine glass

White wines taste best when served chilled, and thus it has longer stems. The longer stem will allow the keep the wine at its perfect temperature for a longer time frame. Moreover, the white wines are not aerated like their red counterparts and so the larger bowl is not required. This is why the white wine glass contains smaller bowls.

Red wine glass

As red wines are usually served at the room temperature and even if served chilled are warmed up by using the hands; this is why the red wine glass comes in shorten stems. This allows the drinker to hold the glass by its bowl as this enhances the flavor and aroma of the wine. Moreover, red wines have a tendency of having thicker tannins compared to the white ones. A wider bowl helps the wine to get aerated which in turn helps the tannins to get soften and this releases the wine's aromas and tastes. 

Another important thing that needs to be considered is that you should purchase clear wine glasses rather than the colored ones as it enables you to see the clarity, color, and feel of the drink. In addition, although wine glasses are made from many materials but wine lovers favor glasses made from crystal as they feel this material is light in weight and because of their excellent light refraction property.

Bennett J Kireker is not only passionate about wine but also loves basketball, skiing, and golf. He has worked as a wine salesman for United Cellars, a company which is based in Auckland, New Zealand and at present he runs Wine Club NYC.
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