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Wedding Gifts That You Should Avoid Giving

A wedding is a special occasion that most plan to have at least once in a lifetime. It takes a lot of time and energy to plan for this event to make sure it will be successful. Some of the essential preparations include venue booking, catering arrangements, transportation, purchasing of rings, and invitation cards among other things. To make it easier, people hire wedding planners to take care of logistics and other preparations. However, you can save on cost through the use of various helpful online tools. One such useful site is that will help you get organized by managing your RSVP.

If you are the one getting invited to a wedding, you will surely start thinking of a gift to give to the bride and groom. Here is a list of giftswhich you should avoid giving.

Homemade Gifts

Unless you are very talented and can actually make an attractive piece of art, avoid giving any handmade gifts. A less than perfect personal creation may rub off the wrong way on the couple which may affect your future relations with them. Gifting the newlyweds a homemade gift may also show you up as unwilling to spend on them, even if this is not your intention.


We can all agree that an IOU note is not a gift. So, why present one during the gifts presentations session? The first impression thisgives is that you did not dedicate any time at all to prepare a gift. Further, the chances of you remaining in their debt are high if the couple relocates to another destination immediately.


If your distant uncle gave you a rustic reading lamp, this is not the right time to re-gift it to the newlyweds. As much asyou would love to get rid of it, it may not be a suitable time to recycle gifts no matter how well you package it. A couple who honored you with an invitation to their wedding deservesa gift that they would find useful.

Gendered Gifts that are Offensive

Caution is crucial when you intend to gift the couple with gender-centered gifts. Some of them may be offensive and get you boxed in within that best-to-avoid category of gender stereotypes. For instance, it is not wise to give the bride a blender and the groom a moviebox set. Such gifts are offensive.


Some things are meant to come as a set. If you break them for any reason, they become half gifts. Do not gift the couple a salt shaker without the pepper shaker. Most of these gifts are unique in design, and the couple may never find a match. This plainly leaves them with no option and not use your gift, which makes it pointless to gift it to them in the first place.


Gifting newlyweds can be tricky and requires a lot of caution. This is a happy moment for them and full of expectations. Your gifts should not cause them anger or mark the beginning of broken friendships.  Sometimes it may be possible to find out what the couple would really like to get, which will help you get them the best gifts to make them happy.
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