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Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Understanding God and Love

Being spiritual does not mean that you have to surrender material pleasures and stay in Church all the time. Being spiritual gives you the chance to connect with God and a weekly visit to Church is enough for bringing back peace and happiness in your life. All day long, you are catering to your wants and needs. You set goals and once you have attained these goals, you re-set new ones. The chase for name, fame and money is a never-ending one but the question here is do you get happiness or do you still feel incomplete? 

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Understanding God and bringing back peace to your life

No matter how much you are actively involved in the rat race, you do get exhausted from all the running and pain. The Westside Family Church is a place where you can get solace and peace in life. There should be a time when you must connect with yourself. The inner side of you is as important as the material side of you. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS members say that just one weekly visit to Church can really bring in a positive difference in your life.

Address challenges with wisdom

Life is not easy and if there are good times, there are bad times filled with the clouds of depression and despair. When you are walking through the challenges of life, you often feel alone. You feel heavy and nothing seems to make you happy. The reasons for your depression or despair could be a failure, loss of a loved one, non-acceptance of yourself as a person etc. The reasons are immense. However, when you come to Church every week, you will find that you are not alone in your journey. There are others like you who are alone and miserable. They come to Church to listen to the knowledge that God imparts when you are completely left with no hope.

Serve others and invite bliss in your life

With the aid of community and serving others, you will find that your depression lifts. You will find that there are others like you that have lost hope and have no desire to live. You can help them overcome their challenges with love. In the midst of service to others, you will find that your own problems and challenges reduce. With the passage of time, you will find that your problem does not exist and your life has received a new meaning!

Accept yourself and others just the way they are is the lesson that you get when you start serving others. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS members are happy and at peace with themselves. They connect with God and live their lives with the mission of love. They say that you are a creation of love and it is very important for you to spread love not hate for a happy and blissful life. Happiness never comes with money- it comes with the connection with God and helping others!
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