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Witness the mesmerizing beauty of the hills of Uttarakhand-Mussoorie

Whenever planning a trip to any of the hill stations in India, Mussoorie is one of the most attractive hill station that is also known as the queen of hills. This one beautiful destination offers the bustle of the mall road and old British charm in Landour. The trip planned to this place also offers a sweet dose of nostalgia and an even sweeter vacation to those who desire it.

Any idea of vacationing and adventure can be fulfilled visiting this queen of hills situated in our Himalayas. There are many things that are offered in Mussoorie which can be dealt in detail by reading about hill station stories in hindi that are posted on the internet. One can only rejoice by living the Mussoorie way of life that you can relive its past glory!

Best things to do in Mussoorie- With a myriad of adventure activities and beautiful landscapes, the hill station has several activities for the tourist to make their trip a memorable one-
  • Sightseeing- Situated in the foothills of Himalayas, Mussoorie is known as the best gateway to Yamunotri and Gangotri shrines. The place has several treks and temples, were the main town has lakes, gardens, waterfalls, and a lot more to keep a traveller hooked towards its charm and mesmerizing beauty of nature. Camel’s back road, Kempty fall, The Mall, The Mussoorie lake are the best attractions which are a must visit to  read the charming beauty undefined so beautifully.
  • Cable car ride-The sightseeing is altogether a different experience where the cable car ride in the small little Gondola to the Gun Hill is also a wonderful experience. Over the top of the Gun hill is the shopping paradise of all the specialty of the state of Uttrakhand.
  • Boating in the Mussoorie lake- For those who love water rides must take a small halt on the way to Mussoorie where a small and beautiful lake amidst the greenery is situated. The green covered mountains look like a carpet that is spread across the place where the small lake with a boat ride is very romantic.
  • Waterfall- Another beauty of the hill station is the Kempty fall waterfall which is very natural and falls into a small area where the kids and the family enjoy small water splashes having fun together.
  • Company Garden- Taking a small stroll in the Company bagh where the couples do enjoy a lot is a place in Mussoorie that is considered to be the resting point after taking walk on the Mall Road. The garden has beautiful flowers of many different variety and colors.
  • The Mall road- For the shopping freaks, the Mall Road is the perfect place to collect all sorts of momentos of the place. One can get even export quality stuff and other places to enjoy.
Apart from the above places, there are many game and ice-cream parlors on the way which can be enjoyed taking small halts especially in the winter season. One can consult any hill station magazine in Hindi to know more about the attraction of the place.
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